Ultrasonic cleaning machine than manual cleaning in what is better?

Before the introduction of cleaning equipment similar to ultrasonic cleaning machine, we want to clean the items are used to clean the operation of manual, and manual cleaning will not only waste a lot of manpower and material resources, but also produce a lot of cleaning quality problems. Such as some items of the crevices of the human can not be cleaned in place. And after the introduction of ultrasonic cleaning, so the problem has been solved.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine than manual cleaning in what?

Oil removal effect comparison chart
Oil removal effect comparison chart

1、ultrasonic cleaning compared to manual cleaning effect is good

The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning can not only replace manual hand washing, and can meet the requirements of manual hand washing. Even steam cleaning and high-pressure water jets, but also can not meet some surface unevenness, small blind holes (such as needle point), cleanliness requirements of high equipment. The ultrasonic cavitation also promotes the chemical reaction, accelerating the dissolution of the surface film of the instrument, the cleaning effect is more thorough.

2、ultrasonic cleaning compared to manual cleaning high efficiency

Traditional manual cleaning needs to clean the equipment with a variety of enzyme soaking, hand brushing, rinsing, or use the brush machine to repeatedly clean, can be said to be time-consuming and laborious, and the impact of human factors can not guarantee the quality. The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, to clean the equipment to be immersed directly into the cleaning tank, put the cleaning agent in proportion, set the temperature and time, and then automatically start cleaning work, its automation, batch-type high-efficiency cleaning can significantly save labor costs.

3、Ultrasonic cleaning is more hygienic and safe compared to manual cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning machine without pollution. The entire cleaning process is purely physical cleaning, safe and reliable, there will be no electromagnetic radiation, will not cause harm to the human body. In addition, ultrasonic cleaning machine can also clean, disinfection and sterilization of medical machinery, without direct manual contact, eliminating secondary pollution.

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