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The difference between ultrasonic cleaning machine and high pressure cleaning machine

In the field of cleaning, the use of two widely used cleaning machine to be ultrasonic cleaning machine and high-pressure cleaning machine. So what is the difference between the two? As a user, how should I choose?

The principle is different

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine is through the transducer will be converted into mechanical kinetic energy, resulting in high-frequency vibration, which produces cavitation in the liquid, to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the cleaning needs to be cleaned by immersing the object in the cleaning fluid.

High-pressure cleaning machine in the role of high-pressure pump to produce high-pressure water flow, and then sprayed onto the object being cleaned. Most high-pressure cleaners use a set of valves and pump head to form a system to control the high-pressure water flow, making the operation of high-pressure cleaning more convenient.

Different scope of application

Due to the different principles, their scope of use is also different. Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning requires the object to be cleaned into the cleaning machine, which limits the size of the object to be cleaned. It is usually used to clean smaller items or certain parts in machinery and equipment. However, ultrasonic cleaners can clean smaller and more complex items.

High-pressure cleaners can be driven by electric motors or fuel engines. In addition, the pump usually has wheels for easy movement, so it has a wider range of applications. For example, it is more suitable for cleaning factory floors, street floors, building facades, glass facades, etc. However, due to the principle of high-pressure spraying, the object to be cleaned needs to be able to withstand water pressure when it is in a fixed state cleaning. Because the high-pressure jet is a direct current cleaning, so the nooks and crannies are difficult to clean.


High pressure cleaner is suitable for cleaning large objects. The cleaning cost is high and the cleaning effect is general (can’t clean the place that can’t be cleaned by direct injection). Ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning small objects, even precision cleaning. Cleaning more comprehensive, cleaning effect is better, cleaning cost is lower. In general, the scope of application of the two cleaning machines are very different and do not affect each other.

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