Ultrasonic cleaning machine routine maintenance and maintenance specifications

Ultrasonic cleaning machine routine maintenance

  1, power supply: the use of power supply and power cord in line with the specifications of the equipment, the user must be installed in the power circuit dedicated to the cleaner air switch to cut the cleaner power when needed;

  2, grounding wire: the Division production cleaning machine body and generator will be equipped with a special grounding wire on its power leads, and there is a clear distinction between the characteristics of other wires, because the equipment and water, corrosive (swelling) liquid contact, prone to electrical leakage, please connect the grounding wire in accordance with safety requirements;

  3, the equipment uses non-flammable detergent, do not use flammable and explosive substances as detergent, the use of equipment in the need to ensure that away from the occasion of flammable and explosive substances, the user must consult the Division to confirm the safety of certain substances under special circumstances, and make the corresponding safety measures;

  4, no liquid or insufficient liquid level in the cleaning tank will cause irreversible damage to the equipment, the use of the tank must ensure that the injection of sufficient amount of cleaning liquid, otherwise the relevant electric heater, pump, ultrasonic shock may be damaged and may lead to super fire and personal injury;

  5、Electrical control box and related electrical components, etc. Be careful not to splash water, and away from water vapor, corrosive gases, dust, etc;

  6、When the equipment is abnormal, please contact our company or stop the power supply in time for inspection by experienced professional electrician;

  7、For the workpiece to be cleaned, please use the basket or hanging device with legs to hang it and put it into the tank for cleaning, forbid to put the workpiece directly into the bottom of the tank for cleaning, otherwise it may cause damage to the workpiece and the bottom of the tank;

  8、When the equipment is in operation, there may be high temperature, high pressure, electrical component terminal surface charged, the movement of the transmission mechanism, the sudden movement of pressure and other factors that may cause personal injury, please do not open the housing when working, so as not to work under unprotected conditions;

  9、When the equipment is not used for a long time, please release the cleaning liquid, dry the inner groove and the surface and then protect it with a film to prevent the corrosion of the equipment aging faster;

  10、Keep the equipment workplace ventilation, dry, clean, conducive to the long-term efficient operation of the equipment and optimize the working environment conditions;

  11、When the cleaning solution is too dirty should be dealt with in a timely manner, regular cleaning of the cleaning tank, storage tank dirt, keep the clean tank and the appearance of clean, can improve the durability of the cleaning tank;

Ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance specifications

  1: The power supply is AC 380v.(three-phase four-wire)

  2:: the first ultrasonic power supply and cleaning tank between the signal line connection. (The right number to connect)

  3: will be added to the cleaning tank liquid, the height of about 300mm. reservoir liquid up to half the height of the reservoir can be, the temperature of 40-55 degrees is appropriate.

  4: the workpiece to be cleaned into the cleaning tank, the workpiece try not to directly touch the bottom. Do not impact on the side wall of the cleaning tank.

  5: set the ultrasonic time to work (note that the time can not be zero), press the ultrasonic start button, the ultrasonic began to work.

  6: Cleaning time according to the degree of oil pollution of the workpiece to determine their own.

  7: cycle filtering off please filter the water valve off.

  8: Regularly clean the bottom of the cleaning tank sludge.

  9: summer if a long time (7 days) do not use the equipment should be clean cleaning tank liquid discharge, winter to ensure that the tank does not freeze.

  10: Workshop such as dusty, should use compressed air to clean the dust in the distribution cabinet every month

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