What is a double tank ultrasonic cleaning machine, double tank ultrasonic cleaning machine have what characteristics

Double tank type ultrasonic cleaning machine as the name implies is to have two cleaning tank ultrasonic cleaning machine, usually a tank ultrasonic cleaning, two tanks of ultrasonic rinsing form.

Double tank ultrasonic cleaning machine
Double tank ultrasonic cleaning machine

Double tank ultrasonic cleaning machine composition.

Double-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of a tank, ultrasonic generator (control box) and ultrasonic vibrators and other parts, where the main role of the tank is to dissolve the cleaning solution and the device to be cleaned.

Ultrasonic generator is to generate electromagnetic oscillation signal and provide energy to the working part, it can produce ultrasonic signal higher than 25KHZ, provide to the transducer.

The transducer converts the electromagnetic vibration generated by the ultrasonic generator into ultrasonic vibration, which is transmitted into the cleaning fluid, causing the cavitation of the cleaning fluid and generating hundreds of millions of bubbles with more than 1000 air pressure, and the bubbles keep exploding and impacting the working surface to achieve the effect of rapid cleaning of the workpiece.

Application range of double tank ultrasonic cleaning machine.

1、 aerospace, aviation – cleaning precision parts, brake systems, bearings, various metal parts.

2、 railroads – a variety of gate valves, bearing kits, passenger cars, radiators, locomotive internal combustion engine parts, components.

3、 Automobile and motorcycle manufacturing industry – cylinder block, cover, wheel hub before electrophoresis to remove oil, rust and oxidation skin.

4、 Liquid crystal (LCD) manufacturing – LCD substrate cleaning before plating ITO film, after the process cleaning.

5、 Optical devices – camera lens, microscope, telescope, optical lens cleaning after grinding.

6、 Containers – various liquid containers, glass and metal containers, cosmetic containers, dental instruments cleaning.

7、 medical instruments – endoscopes, surgical instruments, syringes, test tubes, biochemical test containers, dirt cleaning.

8、 Extraction of active ingredients of Chinese herbs – replace the traditional high-temperature boiling extraction process, efficient and protect the active ingredients.

9、 electronic manufacturing, communications, computers – PCB board soldering flux, impurity cleaning.

10、 microelectronics – single crystal silicon wafer, integrated circuit manufacturing process cleaning.

Double tank ultrasonic cleaning machine features.

1, good cleaning effect, high cleanliness and all workpiece cleanliness consistent;

2, fast cleaning speed, improve production efficiency, no manual contact with the cleaning fluid, safe and reliable;

3, deep holes, slits and hidden parts of the workpiece can also be cleaned;

4, no damage to the surface of the workpiece, saving solvent, heat, workplace and labor;

Double tank ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning advantages.

Double tank ultrasonic cleaning machine, no damage to the surface of the workpiece, saving solvent, heat, workplace and labor, etc. Influencing factors cleaning media: the use of ultrasonic cleaning, there are generally two types of cleaning agents, namely chemical solvents and water-based cleaning agents. The chemical effect of cleaning media can accelerate the effect of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning is a physical effect, the combination of the two effects, depending on the object for full and thorough cleaning.

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