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Ultrasonic cleaning machine is necessary to buy? Ultrasonic cleaning machine brand too much how to choose?

The answer is of course it is necessary!

The application scenarios of ultrasonic cleaners can be found everywhere in life.

1. The role of ultrasonic cleaning machine in family life :

Such as gold and silver jewelry, razors, water pens, toothbrushes, dentures, combs, CDs, etc. Also includes milk bottles, pacifiers and fruit. In life is generally used for some jewelry, household tools and fruit cleaning and sterilization at the same time. Ultrasound can also be used in beauty care, long-term use can also keep the skin smooth and tender full of elasticity.

2. The role of optical instruments :

For some optical lenses, various glasses, microscopes, cameras, magnifying ingots, cameras and telescopes in the lens and parts, etc., through the ultrasonic cleaning, not only can clean as new but also will not have any harm to the lens.

3. The role of ornaments :

For jade and many workpieces with complicated shapes and many gaps, ultrasonic cleaning can clean the masonry that cannot be cleaned by traditional cleaning methods as good as new.

Nowadays, people commonly use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the products, why?

1. High cleanliness and high efficiency

In all the cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning is a high efficiency and good effect, the reason why ultrasonic cleaning can achieve such an effect is closely related to its unique working principle and cleaning method. Ultrasonic cleaning is based on ultrasonic in the cleaning liquid medium when the transmission of the unique “cavitation effect” physical role, “cavitation effect” to form a microscopic strong shock wave and high-speed jets on the surface of the object to be cleaned, so that the dirt quickly crushed, stripped, to achieve High quality, high efficiency cleaning purpose.

2. Free your hands, save time and effort

Ultrasonic cleaning machine to break the traditional drawbacks of hand washing, machine cleaning instead of manual cleaning, ultrasonic tens of thousands of times per second negative pressure expansion and positive pressure strong compression blasting countless “cavities”, high frequency to produce countless microscopic shock wave, making the ultrasonic wave for intrusion into the cleaning fluid washed object complex internal and external surface shape, slits, deep holes, corners, dead ends and other parts. Corners, dead ends and other parts of the unique advantages of the cleaning ability and cleaning efficiency is other methods can not be compared and replaced.

3. Wide range of cleaning

Home ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean daily necessities, such as glasses, watches, fruits, seals, milk bottles, pacifiers, coffee cups, teapots, water cups, wine cups, glasses, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, electronic products, dentures, printer ink heads, razor heads, pen tips, toothbrushes, coins, badges and other items.

Commercial ultrasonic cleaner is mainly aimed at the cleaning of special apparatus for laboratory, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, physics, zoology, agronomy, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, as well as analysis of the object of sample pre-treatment, crushing, emulsification, dispersion, solubility, extraction extraction, defoaming and degassing, accelerated chemical reaction, nano-preparation, etc., while suitable for high precision parts of high cleanliness cleaning working conditions applications.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine is used in the watch industry, glasses industry, electroplating industry, electronics industry, precision hardware industry, medical industry, etc.. Used for precision mechanical parts cleaning, metal parts cleaning, optical lens cleaning, machine parts cleaning, plating before and after cleaning, etc..

So ultrasonic cleaning machine brand is too much how to choose it?

First of all, we need to know the approximate range of parameters they need, and then to meet these ranges of brands to choose from.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

One, cleaning materials suitable for what ultrasound frequency

Different ultrasonic frequency for different cleaning materials. Large workpieces and precision requirements are relatively low, choose low-frequency ultrasound. And electronic components or circuit boards such as high requirements for precision and fear of damage to the item, choose high-frequency ultrasound or even megahertz level ultrasound. Of course, there are now dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, an ultrasonic cleaning machine equipped with two bands of ultrasound, a wider range of applications.

Second, the size of the cleaning object, the number of

According to the size and number of cleaning materials to choose the right size of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Generally speaking, the ultrasonic cleaning machine will have a maximum water level, and cleaning needs to be placed in the cleaning basket, so before choosing an ultrasonic cleaning machine must pay attention to the size of this aspect, just look at the data is not intuitive, it is recommended to ask the manufacturer.

Third, the length of cleaning work

If your cleaning work is longer, it is recommended to buy industrial or laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine. This type of ultrasonic cleaning machine in order to ensure long operation, in the design and manufacturing process are better, the service life is also longer. If the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency is relatively low, it is recommended to buy a cheap small ultrasonic cleaning machine can be.

Fourth, other

Some ultrasonic cleaning machine will have their own characteristics, such as touch panel, other shapes of the cleaning tank (generally square), silent function, etc., can be purchased according to their preferences, such as silent function is very practical.

When you determine the range according to the above four points, you will find that there are not many manufacturers to choose from, and then you can buy according to the price and service.

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