Why does the temperature rise when the ultrasonic cleaner is in operation?


The temperature of the ultrasonic cleaning solution increases during operation due to the conversion of electrical energy to ultrasonic energy. This energy conversion creates heat, which causes the temperature of the cleaning solution to rise. Additionally, the cavitation process that occurs during ultrasonic cleaning can also generate heat as a result of the collapse of bubbles, which can further contribute to an increase in temperature. It is important to monitor the temperature of the cleaning solution to ensure that it does not exceed the recommended operating range and cause damage to the cleaning equipment or the items being cleaned.

What can be done to prevent the temperature from rising?

To prevent the temperature from rising during the operation of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, you can take the following measures:

  1. Control the operating time: Reduce the operating time of the ultrasonic cleaner, so that the cleaning process can be completed before the temperature rises too much.
  2. Increase the cooling rate: Improve the cooling system of the ultrasonic cleaner, such as adding a fan or increasing the heat dissipation area of the tank.
  3. Reduce the power: Adjust the power of the ultrasonic cleaner to a lower level, which will reduce the energy output and thus reduce the temperature rise.
  4. Change the cleaning solution: Use a cleaning solution that has a lower heat generation or lower specific heat capacity, which will reduce the temperature rise during the cleaning process.

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