Ultrasonic cleaning machine matching circuit has a fault solution

Today, ultrasonic cleaners are used by an increasingly wide audience. In order to provide better quality and more reliable cleaning products, developers have carefully considered the operational matching of each cleaning machine component and module, or compatibility can reach high standards. Although this can make the ultrasonic cleaning machine easier to use, but the problem is that many non-professionals only know the cleaning principle, but few people know how to deal with a key component of the cleaning machine: matching circuit failure? Granbo, as a veteran ultrasonic cleaner manufacturers, hope to use this article to help provide answers and help to friends who need this problem.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the matching power circuit is the generator set output electromagnetic energy transmission to the safety of the electrical channel. Matching circuit although the structure is simple (usually only a matching inductor), but it plays an important role. The same type of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, with a good adjustment, the cleaning effect will be better; if the matching adjustment is not good, and vice versa, the cleaning effect will be very poor.

For the same type of ultrasonic cleaning machine, if the cleaning quality becomes poor after a long time working, replace the transducer is a way, but need to match from scratch. Different from other electrical equipment, ultrasonic cleaning machine in order to match their own must deal with the variable resistance problem (that is, change the resistance value of the load, so that it is equal to the load value of the generator), and also to deal with the tuning problem. That is, the inductive resistance of the matching inductor to offset the capacitive resistance of the transducer, so that the transducer is purely resistive.

R&D engineers generally match based on their respective technical experience. For example, someone can check the matching position by changing the water level of the sink. If the current change must be within a certain standard, the tube body will not heat up and the cavitation sound is strong, it is better to consider adjusting the degree of matching. There are also R&D engineers who let the machine be slightly electrical at no load and then become purely resistive after loading. These experiences are generally common. But on the basis of the existing experience, and then grasp the matching principle, you can be more intelligent in matching, to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine power supply circuit interaction and analysis of common problems.

In high-powered cleaning machine, the interplay between the ultrasonic cleaner circuit may be caused by multiple generators working at the same time, so pay attention to their mutual influence.

(1) from the voltage waveform at both ends of the transducer, ultrasonic cleaner in the generator alone when the waveform is clean, but in the case of dual generator work, due to mutual interference of the load, the voltage waveform at both ends of the transducer vibration, so the mutual position of the transducer must be properly adjusted

(2) The operation of multiple generators is affected by the mutual influence of the load, which affects the output effect of a single generator. When a single generator works, the input voltage is 100 volts and the current is 1.5 A. At this time, if two generators work at the same time, the current of a single generator will drop to 1.0 A. Therefore, from the perspective of the generator, the relative position between the transducers must be properly adjusted.

In addition, when using ultrasonic cleaning machine, the following points should be noted.

(1) The fluctuation of the ultrasonic cleaner of the mixing water surface will cause the load of the ultrasonic transducer and the state of the sound field to change, thus affecting the ultrasonic waves. This has an adverse effect on the equipment. From the voltage at both ends of the transducer, when the water level fluctuates, the voltage fluctuation can be up to 200 ~ 300V, so to be properly placed cleaning materials, the water level is stable, try to start the power ultrasonic generator.

In general, the water level is difficult to track the generator frequency of high-power washing machines. Changes in water level will not only bring about changes in the negative acoustic value, but also cause changes in the resonant frequency of the transducer. This will cause a reduction in ultrasonic output and changes in the sound field, so to ensure the stability of the water level is conducive to the actual effect of cleaning.

(2) the location of the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning objects are generally not particularly considered its placement. The three-dimensional distribution of the sound field in the cleaning tank is difficult to maintain consistent. In order to ensure the cleaning effect, the location of the object being cleaned must choose a suitable location. If not fixed, the cleaned object will automatically slide into the weaker region of the sound field.

(3) The cleaning temperature of the ultrasonic cleaning machine varies depending on the workpiece and the cleaning solution.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers
Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers

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