Share a method on how to clean your glasses without damaging your lenses

People who wear glasses often encounter the problem that they will stick to a lot of dust and oil after wearing them for a long time, and drying them with a cloth will wear out the lenses, and cleaning them with water is difficult. After wearing glasses for so long, many people don’t realize how dirty they are. Now, most optical stores have started using ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean glasses.

MK-188 home ultrasonic cleaning machine
MK-188 home ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning is based on the unique “cavitation effect” physical effect of ultrasonic waves propagating in the cleaning fluid medium, that is, the “cavitation effect”, forming a strong microscopic shock wave, as well as high-speed jets, acting on the surface of the object being cleaned. Cleaning objects, so that the dirt quickly broken stripped, to achieve efficient cleaning purposes.

Because of the ultrasonic force, tens of thousands of tiny bubbles in the action of ultrasound can be constantly vibrating. When the sound intensity or pressure reaches a certain level, the bubble will rapidly expand and then suddenly close. In this process, the bubble generates a shock wave at the moment of closing, which generates a pressure of 1012-1013pa around the bubble and performs local temperature regulation. The enormous pressure generated by this ultrasonic cavitation destroys insoluble dirt, thus stripping it from the object.

How to clean glasses without damaging the lenses

Tools and materials: an ultrasonic cleaning machine, a pair of glasses, a bottle of special cleaning agent for glasses

1, will be ready for the glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine on a flat table, turn on the glasses into the cleaning tank (note that the lenses must be placed facing upward, so as not to touch the bottom of the lenses scratch.)

2, the washing box will be filled with water (tap water can be), take care not to exceed the highest water level. Can be added to the water 1-2 drops of glasses special cleaning agent;

3, plug into the socket, press the power button, 3-5 minutes after the automatic stop work;

4, after the machine stops, remove the glasses, gently shake off the water on the surface of the glasses;

5, the ultrasonic cleaning machine will be poured out of the water, the cleaning machine wipe dry, stored in a dry and cool place.

These are the five steps to properly clean your glasses. Have you learned?

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