How to use the correct ultrasonic cleaning machine?

1, ultrasonic cleaning machine surrounding environment should be clean, dry and no strong corrosive gas, and avoid violent vibration.

2, the back of the generator should be left with enough space for heat dissipation. Ensure that the machine has good grounding to avoid personal injury accidents.

3, ultrasonic cleaning machine work, do not immerse your fingers in the cleaning fluid.

4, no-load state is strictly prohibited to start the machine, the cleaning liquid must be poured into the cleaning tank according to the level of the instructions before starting the machine.

5、The object to be cleaned shall not be in contact with the bottom of the tank, and the workpiece shall be put into the basket for cleaning.

6、The cleaning solution must not be strong acid or strong alkaline, and no flammable solution can be used under the condition of no reliable safety measures.

7, the temperature of the cleaning solution will rise with the continuous working time, ultrasonic cleaning machine continuous working time should not exceed 8 hours.

8, if the cleaning tank is found to have water leakage, should immediately shut down the machine and empty the cleaning solution and contact the seller. Do not allow unauthorized disassembly of the machine.

Note: Whether it is to ensure their own safety, or for what can be better use of ultrasonic cleaning machine should be strictly in accordance with the instructions for the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, the correct operation of the cleaning machine.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers
Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers

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