How much is a small ultrasonic cleaning machine, how to buy ultrasonic cleaning machine to reasonable prices

The price of small ultrasonic cleaners on the market today varies widely. The low price can be purchased for a hundred or so dollars to the hand, while the high price will take thousands of dollars. So why is this?

Small ultrasonic cleaning machine
Small ultrasonic cleaning machine

Seven factors affecting the price of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

1, the brand: the louder the machine brand, the more expensive;

2, material: the better the material, the more expensive the natural price;

3, after-sales service: the better the after-sales service, the more secure, the more expensive the price;

4, quality: the better the quality, the price is certainly more expensive than the low-end ultrasonic cleaning machine;

5, labor costs: As living standards continue to improve, labor costs continue to rise, the natural price of the machine will be expensive;

6, the machine capacity: the larger the volume, the more materials needed, the more expensive the price will naturally be;

7, power: the higher the ultrasonic power, the more expensive;

Small ultrasonic cleaning machine purchase method.

1, look at the brand

Although the quality of the big brands are guaranteed, but also to see how the after-sales service, or there are problems to find someone to solve is also a problem.

2, look at the size capacity

General household are small or miniature, the size of a glasses case, there are also larger like a microwave oven, larger capacity will also be larger, wash things can also be larger pieces of some.

3, look at the power

The greater the power, the stronger the cleaning power. Low-frequency ultrasonic “cavitation bubble” number is small but large, the impact is relatively strong, suitable for cleaning the surface of large particles of dirt objects. Then the high-frequency is the opposite, for smaller particles of dirt surface cleaning. This depends on what you usually clean, so choose the more appropriate.

4, look at the cleaning strength

Cleaning strength in addition to power frequency, and temperature, in general, ultrasound in 40-50 ℃ in the liquid cavitation effect is better, cleaning agent is also the higher the temperature, the better the dissolution effect. Be aware that the temperature exceeds 70 ℃, it will affect the effectiveness of ultrasound, reduce or lose the cleaning effect. About the cleaning machine temperature can be clearly understood before buying.

5, look at the material

Ultrasonic cleaning machine material is generally shell plastic, stainless steel liner, but also pay attention to the shell plastic is strong and not cheap plastic, stainless steel liner material selection of 304 food grade or better material, more resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.

6, look at the function

The above-mentioned automatic timing function is very convenient, but also some cleaning machine features developed to wash vegetables, wash fruit, wash crawfish, which is very strong ~

Warm tip: choose ultrasonic cleaning machine, must be in accordance with their actual needs, looking for safety, good quality, cleaning power of the cleaning machine, try not to three minutes to buy back not to use, practicality-oriented Oh ~

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