Ultrasonic cleaning machine how to adjust the power, ultrasonic cleaning machine power how much appropriate

Many people will have such questions, how to adjust the power of ultrasonic cleaning machine, in the cleaning of different objects and dirt, the working power requirements of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is different, so how do we adjust the power of the ultrasonic cleaning machine according to the cleaning requirements.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine to adjust the power of what methods.

In actual operation, according to the different operating panels, there are generally two ways to adjust the power of ultrasonic cleaning machine, one is mechanical operation, the use of mechanical knobs to adjust the ultrasonic power, the other is touch operation, the use of touch keys to adjust the ultrasonic power. In addition, ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers will be equipped with a manual for each machine, the manual has a detailed labeling of the machine’s function of each button, and how to use the machine correctly, do not know how to operate the user, you can consult the manual in detail, you can also consult the supplier to provide technical support.

Power adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machine
Power adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machine

How much ultrasonic power to adjust the appropriate?

In the premise of protecting the cleaning effect, the more stubborn the cleaning dirt, you can adjust the ultrasonic cleaning machine power, this situation applies to hardware, machinery and other parts, when the need to clean some precision parts, ultrasonic cleaning machine power can be adjusted down a little. In the purchase of ultrasonic cleaning machine, try to choose the power adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machine, so that you can adjust the different ultrasonic power according to the object to be cleaned, so as to produce a good cleaning effect.

1, when the power is large

Ultrasonic cleaning machine power, the sound intensity will become larger, the radius of the cavitation bubble and the starting radius will become larger, the cavitation strength is enhanced. That is, the higher the sound intensity, the stronger the cavitation, which is conducive to the cleaning effect. But not the greater the power, the better the cleaning effect, but the correct and reasonable choice of ultrasonic power.

2, the power is small

Ultrasonic cleaning power selection is small, it affects the workpiece cleaning time, resulting in a long cleaning time or cleaning effect deviation.

How to choose the right power?


Power density = emission power (W) / emission area (cm2) is usually ≥ 0.5 ~ 0.8 ~ W / cm2, the higher the power density of ultrasound, the stronger the cavitation effect, the faster the speed, the better the cleaning effect. But for the precision, the surface finish is very high objects, using a long time of high power density cleaning will produce “cavitation” erosion of the surface of the object.

If the main medium for cleaning water, ultrasonic cleaning power reference data.

Cleaning optical glass liquid crystal products, ultrasonic power of 10 ~ 20W / L;

Cleaning precision instrument components, ultrasonic power of 20 ~ 25W / L;

Cleaning metal internal pressure parts, ultrasonic power is 25~30W/L;

For cleaning powder metallurgy parts and fine casting parts, the ultrasonic power is 30~35W/L;

For injection molded parts, the ultrasonic power is more than 35W/L because the components are complicated and the body itself is sound absorbing.

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