How to use the correct industrial cleaning agent for ultrasonic cleaning

The principles of correct use of industrial cleaning agents for ultrasonic cleaning machines are as follows.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

1, pay attention to the careful use of cleaning agents

When using ultrasonic cleaning machine, be sure to operate in accordance with the order required by the manual, especially do not first turn on the machine and then pour the cleaning agent, which is a violation of the operation, the consequences are serious, and may even damage the machine, so be sure to put the liquid in first, and then turn on the switch. At the same time, the composition of the cleaning agent should also be taken into account. If it contains flammable liquids, the operation must be completed in a short time, the whole process is supervised and not allowed to leave the scene.

2, pay attention to the use of corrosive or volatile cleaning agents for special treatment

In general, the use of hazardous cleaning fluids is not recommended, but if the situation is special, it is necessary to emphasize the need for indirect treatment of corrosive or volatile liquids. Must strictly comply with the ultrasonic cleaning machine and cleaning agent instructions to operate.

3, pay attention to the factors related to cleaning

It is recommended not to put what needs to be cleaned at the bottom, should use a special cleaning bracket overhead placed in the middle position, so that the force can be evenly distributed to obtain good cleaning results, at the same time, the amount of cleaning fluid should be controlled, not too small, otherwise it may damage the instrument or malfunction.

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