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Ultrasonic cleaning machine with what cleaning agent? How much water is appropriate to put?

As we all know, ultrasonic cleaning is the need for cleaning fluid that is (water or other liquid + cleaning agent) to work properly, and ultrasonic cleaning machine with what water, or with which liquid to clean better? This is something that we do not know, then the following I share with you the cleaning agent corresponding to various types of cleaning objects:

1, cleaning circuit boards with alcohol or board wash water;

2, cleaning glasses with water or special glasses cleaning solution;

3, rust removal with rust removal powder;

4, Grease removal powder for oil removal;

5, Delete the wax with wax remover;

6, cleaning some copper items, in addition to copper rust copper green copper powder can use vinegar (weak acidic cleaning agent)

7, cleaning some shaved metal can be used to remove wax agent;

8, silver jewelry black items with silver wash;

9, ceramic items can be cleaned with vinegar;

10, rubber parts on the sludge: you can use detergent cleaning agent or metal rust remover, generally speaking, solvent-based corrosion is large, water-based corrosion is small, general oil removal is directly recommended to use degreasing agent can.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

Ultrasonic cleaning machine with how much water is better?

First of all, we must understand a misconception, and not not over the water capacity of the equipment is right. For Granbo ultrasonic cleaning machine, all models have left the water level scale, the water level can not exceed this scale or will damage the machine, we generally recommend the use of ultrasonic cleaning tank two-thirds of the water level is reasonable. However, it is recommended that if you do not understand or directly consult Granbo ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers to facilitate a little.

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