Advantages and disadvantages of hydrocarbon cleaners and how to use them

Hydrocarbon detergent is a detergent product in the cleaning machine, which is n- and isomeric alkanes with a distillation range of about 140-190°C. It is generally made of petroleum by crude distillation, hydrogenation, distillation and isomerization.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

The seven advantages of hydrocarbon cleaning agent

Advantage one, hydrocarbon cleaning agent cleaning performance is better. Most of the lubricating oil, rust prevention oil, machining oil for non-polar petroleum fraction, hydrocarbon cleaning agent is also, according to the principle of similar compatibility, hydrocarbon cleaning agent in the cleaning of these mineral oils is better than the effect of halogenated hydrocarbons and water-based cleaning agents.

Advantage two, hydrocarbon cleaning agent evaporation loss is small. The boiling point of hydrocarbon cleaning agent is generally above 150 ℃, so it is used in the process of storage volatile loss than the boiling point of 40 ~ 80 ℃ halogenated hydrocarbons is much smaller, the packaging and equipment sealing requirements will be much lower.

Advantage three, hydrocarbon cleaning agent non-toxic. Through toxicological tests, hydrocarbon cleaning agent inhalation toxicity, oral toxicity and skin contact toxicity are low toxicity, and does not belong to carcinogenic substances, therefore, compared with halogenated hydrocarbons, the cleaning operator is safer.

Advantage four, hydrocarbon cleaning agent compatibility is good. Hydrocarbon cleaning agent does not contain water and chlorine, sulfur and other corrosive substances, so there will be no corrosion and oxidation of various metal materials. In addition, because hydrocarbon cleaners are non-polar solvents, most plastics and rubber do not dissolve, swelling and embrittlement, so its application is very wide.

Advantage five, hydrocarbon cleaning agent can be completely evaporated without residue. Hydrocarbon cleaning agent is a very pure and refined solvent, which can be completely evaporated at room temperature and under the condition of heating, without any residual traces.

Advantage six, hydrocarbon cleaning agent does not damage the environment. Hydrocarbon cleaning agent can be naturally degraded, cleaning waste can be put into coal-fired or oil-fired boilers and burned, the incineration products are mainly carbon dioxide and water, no pollution to the air. In addition, hydrocarbon cleaning agent does not contain chlorine, so the destruction factor of the ozone is zero.

Advantage seven, the price of hydrocarbon cleaning agent is cheap. The general price of ordinary hydrocarbon cleaner is equivalent to less than 50% of the price of F-113, which is one twentieth of the price of some ODS alternatives. As the density of hydrocarbon cleaning agent is about 0.75, much lower than the density of halogenated hydrocarbon solvents, so in the same volume of the cleaning tank hydrocarbon cleaning agent is only half of the amount of halogenated hydrocarbon cleaning agent added.

The side of hydrocarbon cleaning agent deficiency

Hydrocarbon cleaning agent compared with ODS cleaning agent, its boiling point is high, the general boiling point is 150 ~ 190 ℃, and low flash point, is 50 ~ 70 ℃. Although the higher boiling point can reduce the cleaning agent in the storage, transportation and use of the process of volatile loss, but also make the cleaning of the workpiece after the drying speed is greatly reduced, so that the cleaning agent distillation regeneration becomes difficult. And the lower flash point improves the cleaning, drying and distillation regeneration in the fire requirements. So, hydrocarbon cleaning agent has many advantages, but also has shortcomings.

Hydrocarbon cleaning agent use method

1, hydrocarbon cleaning agent cleaning process

Only cleaning → cleaning → rinsing → rinsing → drying (or drying), there is no corrosion of the workpiece.

Hydrocarbon cleaning agent general process: ultrasonic coarse oil removal → ultrasonic fine oil removal → ultrasonic fine oil removal → drying

2, hydrocarbon cleaning agent cleaning method

① small parts can be used to dip the parts into the cleaning agent for a few minutes, can be brushed clean, and can be naturally evaporated and dried after removal.

② large parts can be used spray gun or ultrasonic cleaning machine dip washing, you can use 4 ~ 6kgf/cm2 compressed dry air inhalation cleaning agent spray washing or high frequency vibration through the ultrasonic cleaning machine to accelerate the hydrocarbon cleaning agent oil solubility.

Hydrocarbon cleaning agent use range

Hardware, decoration, clocks and watches, electronics, electrical, liquid crystal, semiconductor and other industries, can have to remove a variety of oil, grease and flux resin, polishing wax

Hydrocarbon cleaning agent use requirements

1、Control combustible materials

In the cleaning workshop, warehouse storage cleaning agent place, to remove all flammable materials (paper, cloth and other combustible materials).

Used hydrocarbon cleaning agent rags, gloves, paper and other things, should be placed outside the workplace designated place, and timely removal.

2、Prevent open flame, electric spark and static electricity

It is strictly forbidden to bring matches, lighters, cigarette butts or other fires into the cleaning workshop and hydrocarbon cleaner warehouse.

Check the circuit regularly to prevent electric sparks from short circuit.

For open equipment must cut off the heating power supply to prevent the temperature from being too high, and cut off the condenser power supply.

It is forbidden to burn electric welding, cutting metal and other operations that may produce sparks within 10 meters.

Cleaning equipment must be metal that can conduct electricity and have grounding device. It is forbidden to use rubber box and rubber basket for operation.

Operators should wear anti-static work clothes when the weather is dry (especially in autumn and winter).

In dry weather (especially in autumn and winter) to increase air humidity.

3、Control the concentration of steam

Cleaning places must be kept ventilated to avoid the formation of combustible mixture of gas and air in the volatile cleaning agent to reach the limit, the risk of combustion or explosion when encountering open flame or sparks (cleaning in air-conditioned rooms is strictly prohibited)

4、Equipped with fire-fighting equipment

It is recommended to install automatic fire extinguishers.

Fire-fighting equipment must be placed nearby (dry powder fire extinguishers, foam fire extinguishers, fire sand, clay, etc.).

5、Disposal of empty drums of waste paper

Hydrocarbon cleaner after use, empty barrels to be stored in indoor safe place, in the process of storage, must make the barrel upside down, draining the remaining cleaning solution in the barrel, and then tighten the lid.

Find a regular recycling company or waste station to recycle the empty drums.

It is forbidden to cut the empty barrel by yourself, if cutting it, it may produce fire or explosion.

6、First aid measures

Inhalation: Under normal circumstances, it is harmless to human body, but when its density in the air reaches a certain concentration, it is harmful to human body, when inhaling a large amount of steam, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Skin contact: The product has been investigated only 2% of people will occur skin allergy, allergic skin contact, should be immediately flushed with a large amount of water, generally 24 hours to recover. Long-term skin contact is prohibited.

7、Site operation standardization

Induction training for the operating staff: the training content must include: quality education training, safety and fire training and standardized operation training, etc.

Production of standardized operating procedures: require operating staff must follow the operating instructions on the requirements of the operation, and from time to time on the operation assessment, improve the operating procedures.

8、Security responsibility system

Security responsibility to the person: the formation of security fire committee, the region will be responsible to the person, to prevent the responsibility of shifting to each other.

Responsible person to take the initiative to check: Regional responsible person should take the initiative to carry out regular and irregular safety checks in the area they are responsible for, to eliminate hidden dangers and prevent the occurrence of accidents.

Precautions for the use of hydrocarbon cleaning agent

1、Do not let this product come into contact with eyes. If it accidentally splashes into eyes, lift eyelids and flush with running water or saline.

2、Do not swallow this product. If swallowed accidentally, do not vomit, maintain a resting state, and seek medical attention in time.

3、To prevent excessive skin degreasing, please wear chemical-resistant gloves when handling.

4、The container and pipeline containing this product must be clean, do not mix with other solvents.

5、This product can cause combustion when exposed to open flame or high heat, and chemical reaction or combustion will occur when in contact with oxidizer. Therefore, do not store, open or use in places close to open flames, high heat or ignition sources. Avoid high temperature direct sunlight. Please do anti-static measures at the use site.

6、Smoking is strictly prohibited at the work site.

7、The workplace where this product is used should be well ventilated.

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