Fruit washing equipment, fruit and vegetable washing machine can really wash clean fruits and vegetables?

Along with the rapid development of scientific research technology, countless manual labor was eliminated by machinery, even washing vegetables, washing fruits such very simple work, also accompanied by ultrasonic fruit and vegetable washing machine, fruit cleaning equipment and gradually replaced by artificial. But many people are skeptical about the cleanliness of vegetable cleaning machine, the following to learn more about it.

Fruit and vegetable washing machine to wash the fruits and vegetables really clean?

Fruit and vegetables
Fruit and vegetables

On the market today, the technology of fruit and vegetable washing machine is mainly divided into plasma disinfection, ultrasonic + ozone.

Ultrasound + ozone is now the mainstream technology on the market. The principle is to use ultrasound in the water to produce local high pressure and achieve the cleaning of fruits and vegetables, coupled with the strong oxidation of ozone, damage the structure of certain pesticides, so as to achieve the effect of removing pesticide residues.

But the problem is that if the ultrasound power is small, it will not be able to clean the pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables; if the power is large, it will damage the epidermal layer of fruits and vegetables, making the surface layer of pesticide residues to the internal penetration, resulting in secondary pollution.

The second is that the strong oxidation of ozone to human respiratory mucous membrane stimulation, if the content is too high, in the operation of the machine may cause harm to humans.

High-end plasma disinfection

We must first understand the concept that “disinfection” refers only to the destruction of live bacteria. Plasma disinfection is a low-temperature disinfection technology. Nowadays, it is widely used in air disinfection, medical device sterilization and other aspects.

The term “vegetable washing” and “fruit and vegetable cleaning” in our daily life does not refer to sterilization, but to the removal of “dirt” and pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables. As for the effect of plasma disinfection for the removal of pesticide residues, there is no exact authoritative certification, the actual cleaning effect is how, basically the businessman said.

As for whether fruits and vegetables need to be sterilized? In fact, after cleaning and cooking, bacteria does not threaten our health, plasma disinfection is not necessary.

Is the fruit and vegetable washer an IQ tax? Does it really work?

We see from a large number of online evaluation videos, fruit and vegetable washing machine is a certain effect of removing pesticide residues, but also varies from food to food, like the smooth surface of the apple cleaning effect than puddles of soft strawberries effect is better.

The second is that although the fruit and vegetable washing machine for the removal of pesticides attached to the surface layer of fruits and vegetables have a certain effect, but it is difficult to deal with residues in the deep layer of pesticides in fruits and vegetables.

However, for some people who do not want to repeat the labor to free their hands, the emergence of cleaning machines can undoubtedly help some people to free their hands, so it can be seen that, to a certain extent, the emergence of cleaning machines can better improve people’s living standards.

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