Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the medical industry advantages of the application

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a more common type of equipment in the field of modern cleaning, the use of such equipment, greatly reducing the field of cleaning for human and material resources and financial losses, but also effectively improve the efficiency of cleaning, cleanliness. Especially in the medical industry, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine appears to be more and more widespread.

Medical, medical dental ultrasonic cleaning machine
Medical, medical dental ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the medical industry using the advantages

1, the cleaning effect is better

The shape of medical equipment is more complex, more likely to have uneven, small blind holes and other situations exist, in the process of cleaning with the help of steam cleaning, pressure water jet cleaning, can not be good to clean these narrow surfaces in place. The use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, in the role of air can be better dissolved instrument surface film, the equipment surface pollutants better cleaned up.

2, high cleaning efficiency

Traditional medical equipment cleaning methods need to go through more than enzyme immersion, red brushing and other processes, not only time-consuming and laborious, the entire mechanical cleaning quality can not be well protected. When using ultrasonic cleaning equipment to do cleaning, only need to place the cleaning agent to the cleaning tank inside, good time, temperature settings, you can automatically clean.

3, health and safety

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a non-polluting equipment, the operation process will not produce electromagnetic radiation, and cleaning process without manual contact, reducing the possibility of secondary infection.

In the entire medical industry, ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean a lot of equipment, such as scalpels, injection needles, syringes or pressure measurement, etc., can better clean medical equipment at the same time, but also a good solution to the manual cleaning is not comprehensive, incomplete, better reduce the possibility of infection in the cleaning process by the cleaner.

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