How to deal with excessive noise of ultrasonic cleaning machine (ultrasonic cleaning machine noise solution)

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is one of the many types of cleaning equipment used, especially in the medical industry is very widely used. Compared with the ordinary cleaning equipment, ultrasonic type cleaning equipment, its cleaning range is more comprehensive, higher cleanliness, and has a good sterilization effect. But the shortcomings of the equipment in the process of running part of the noise will be relatively large, how to deal with this phenomenon?

Sound, Silence
Sound, Silence

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment noise is big how

Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the process of operation will indeed have noise, but it is not caused by vibration during the operation of the equipment, but a sub-harmonic, belonging to a kind of sound waves, the frequency is a small part of the original ultrasonic frequency.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine noise how to deal with

1, ear protection. Although the method can reduce the sound for the ear stimulation, but also affect the operator’s ability to listen to instructions, there are advantages and disadvantages, the specific need for operators to weigh themselves.

2, optimize the shell of the equipment. High-frequency noise has a strong directional, and with the short and long sound waves, so this type of sound is easily absorbed by the reflection of obstacles. In the shell for improvement, you can add insulation cover, which can play a certain effect of eliminating noise.

In addition, after the application of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, to timely shut down the cleaning machine is a more effective way to eliminate noise. Of course, if you want to simplify the process of the subsequent application of the noise reduction process, you can also directly purchase the equipment specifically for noise reduction treatment, so that the application can make the subsequent operation more simple, while greatly improving production efficiency, reducing the degree of damage caused to the operator’s hearing.

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