Hydrocarbon cleaning main cleaning what (hydrocarbon cleaning equipment cleaning principle)

Hydrocarbon cleaning machine is a relatively new type of cleaning machine, its principle is the same as other ultrasonic cleaning equipment, is also based on the role of ultrasonic cavitation, when the ultrasonic cavitation effect on the cleaning liquid, thus forming countless tiny bubbles, these small bubbles formed in the moment, due to the increased pressure in the cleaning liquid, bubble rupture generated shock waves, this impact can be the surface of the workpiece of the oil to detach, in addition, the In addition, bubble rupture will also produce high temperature and high pressure, strengthening the role of emulsification and dissolution, accelerating the process of oil removal, and achieve rapid oil removal effect.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle
Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle

Ultrasonic wave tens of thousands of times per second negative pressure expansion and positive pressure strong compression blasting countless “cavities”, high frequency to produce numerous microscopic shock wave, so that the ultrasonic wave for the complex internal and external surface shape of the object to be washed, slits, deep holes, corners, dead ends and other parts have a unique cleaning ability. This is other methods can not be compared and replaced.

What objects can be washed by hydrocarbon cleaning equipment?

ultrasonic cleaner granbo
ultrasonic cleaner granbo

Hydrocarbon cleaning machines can clean cell phone cases, screens or other types of electronic components, and can also effectively clean automotive bearings, retainers and other products. At the same time, can also be used for circuit boards, hardware and other objects of oil treatment.

Hydrocarbon cleaning machine cleaning advantages

1、The cleaning performance has been better improved

Hydrocarbon cleaner is a non-non-polar petroleum fraction, similar to the principle of lubricating oil, rust prevention oil, etc., and better than the cleaning effect of halogenated hydrocarbons and water-based cleaning agents.

2、Smaller evaporation loss in the cleaning process

Compared with other types of cleaning agents, hydrocarbon cleaning agent has a higher boiling point, and the loss in the cleaning and daily storage process is relatively small, and the storage process requires less sealing for storage.

3、Higher safety

In the hydrocarbon cleaning agent to do toxicological tests, its absorption and discharge toxicity, oral toxicity, etc. are very low, and does not belong to the carcinogenic substances, the operator in the operation of more secure.

4、 Better compatibility

Hydrocarbon cleaning agent composition of chlorine, sulfur and other corrosive substances, so in the cleaning of metal or other materials objects, will not produce corrosive. And this type of cleaning machine does not belong to the non-polar solvent, so it can also be used for some plastic, rubber items cleaning.

Compared with the general cleaning machine, hydrocarbon cleaning machine in the process of cleaning the items to be cleaned, for its crevices, sandwich and other parts of the pollutants can also be well cleaned up, so as to make the whole cleaning process more thorough, effectively enhance the cleaning effect of the whole object.

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