Ultrasonic cleaning machine has no radiation (whether long-term use will be harmful to the human body)

I think we should not be unfamiliar with the ultrasonic cleaning machine this thing, in daily life from the small ultrasonic dishwasher in the optical store to the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine in the industry, it can be said that the ultrasonic cleaning machine can be said to cover all aspects of our lives. And understand some shallow micro-ultrasonic cleaning principle know that the ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly by ultrasonic radiation to the cleaning fluid to produce cavitation to the cleaning function, and the general public see this in thinking, this ultrasonic so-called radiation on the human body in the end there is no harm?

Small ultrasonic cleaning machine
Small ultrasonic cleaning machine

In fact, this worry is unnecessary, ultrasonic cleaning machine is no effect on the body. Ultrasound it is a mechanical wave, its frequency is more than 20,000 hertz, is more than our human ear hearing range, we can not hear the human ear a sound wave.

And ultrasound is not just in the field of cleaning applications, it also plays a major role in the medical field, the main application of ultrasound in the medical field is ultrasonic examination. Medical ultrasound examination will be emitted into the human body, in the body encounter interface will be reflected and refraction.

Various tissues in the human body have different shapes and structures, so their reflection and refraction as well as the degree of absorption of ultrasound will be different, so that the doctor can diagnose whether the organ under examination has a disease.

Ultrasound is a relatively common test in medicine and is often used in the diagnosis of disease.

Ultrasound has not been found to be harmful to the human body. Ultrasound can be divided into low-frequency, medium-frequency and high-frequency three in addition to poor quality noise will cause discomfort to the human ear, but as long as the proper operation is not harmful to the body. Ultrasound and ordinary sound waves, as long as its intensity control in the safe range, the human body will not be harmful.

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