Ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the workpiece blind hole

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning blind holes when there are two main methods of operation.

The first method: in the design of hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine, you can add a compressed air nozzle in the tank. External factory air source, in the cleaning of blind hole parts, the workpiece slowly into, as far as possible, let the water flow into the hole. After the parts are placed, use compressed air to make water to produce a large number of water column impact on the workpiece. This is to make the bubbles blocked in the hole burst, to achieve a better ultrasonic cleaning effect on the blind hole parts.

Blind hole for workpiece
Blind hole for workpiece

The second method: the use of high-frequency combination of ultrasonic cleaning machine. The use of high-frequency ultrasound, the principle of high-frequency oscillation, so that blocked in the blind hole in the gas ultrasonic cleaning machine bubble rupture, while combined with the medium-frequency bursting force of ultrasound, coupled with the appropriate oil removal and decontamination cleaning fluid, blind hole stains, iron filings in a sweep.

In general, the ultrasonic cleaning machine in use in the frequency to a large extent determines the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine. Ultrasonic cavitation threshold is closely related to the frequency of the ultrasonic cleaner. The higher the frequency, the higher the cavitation valve. That is: the lower the frequency the easier it is to produce cavitation, and in the case of low frequency, the liquid is compressed and thinned for a longer interval so that the bubble can grow to a larger size before disintegration. Therefore, we can increase the cleaning efficiency by increasing the cavitation intensity.

Blind hole is too small, the water pressure can not make the bubble blocked in the blind hole mouth burst, ultrasonic transmission is to water as the medium, that is, ultrasonic cleaning machine as long as the water can reach the place, ultrasonic waves will exist, so as to achieve cleaning. But a small number of blind holes that are not penetrated into the cleaning agent can not be cleaned.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency is the core of the ultrasonic cleaning machine technology. We all know that when the operating frequency is very low (in the range of human hearing) will produce noise. When the frequency is below 20kHz, the working noise not only becomes very large, but also may exceed the limits of safety noise specified by the Occupational Safety and Health Act or other regulations. In the need for high power to remove dirt without considering the workpiece surface damage in the application, usually choose from 20kHz to 30kHz range of lower cleaning frequency. The frequency range of cleaning frequency is often used to clean large, heavy parts or high-density material workpiece.

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