Detoxification machine! Fruit and vegetable washing machine can really detoxify?

Fruit and vegetable washing machine to remove pesticide residues, I’m sure we’ve all heard of it. In fact, is it really that amazing? There are two main types of fruit and vegetable cleaning machines on the market, namely ozone cleaning machines and ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables

Ozone cleaning machine claims to generate extremely strong oxidizing ozone through the generator, destroy the structure of some of the pesticides, so that they degrade.

Experts said that a wide variety of pesticides, the nature of different, and ozone removal of pesticides only for easy to oxidize the pesticide. And home ozone cleaning machine to produce ozone time is short, low concentration, the role of fruit and vegetables is not long enough. The effect of removing pesticide residues is not as magical as advertised by the business. In addition, the use of ozone cleaners at home may also pollute the indoor air. The concentration is too high will stimulate the human respiratory mucosa, causing headaches.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is through high-frequency vibration, in the water to produce countless tiny cavities and bubbles, stripped and crushed attached to the surface of fruits and vegetables, dirt, lime soil, humus and other impurities, while promoting organic pesticides and other fat-soluble ingredients off.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine although the surface of fruits and vegetables have good ability to remove dirt, but the current research on ultrasonic degradation of pesticide residues, good results are required to use high-powered ultrasonic cleaning machine for a long time processing, family short time conditions can only decontaminate, the effect of degrading pesticide residues is not obvious, and even dichlorvos and other pesticides after the treatment of the phenomenon of rebound, which may be related to ultrasonic destruction of epidermal cells, resulting in Pesticide infiltration related. And when the machine is working, ultrasonic waves will cause machine vibration, cavitation and bubble breaking will produce a lot of noise, which is also a kind of pollution to the family.

Therefore, you should not rely too much on fruit and vegetable washing machines. More rinsing and proper blanching is the good way to remove pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetable washing machine is effective detection method.

1, use the fruit and vegetable health instrument to select the vegetables with excessive pesticide residues

2, put in the fruit and vegetable washing machine to wash

3, wash and then use the fruit and vegetable health meter to measure a test, if the results show that exceed the standard, that you use the fruit and vegetable washing machine is false. (No very strong effect of pesticide residues)

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