Ultrasonic cleaning machine for firefighting masks

Fire protection mask ultrasonic cleaning machine is specially designed for fire protection equipment cleaning and cleaning equipment. Fire protection mask ultrasonic cleaning machine is a universal fast and environmentally friendly ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine for firefighting masks
Ultrasonic cleaning machine for firefighting masks

Fire mask ultrasonic cleaning machine product introduction.

Fire mask ultrasonic cleaning machine is designed for fire equipment, gas masks, breathing masks and other special cleaning equipment, the whole machine uses a frame structure to ensure that the internal and external load-bearing does not deform. The cleaning tank is made of SUS304 stainless steel, the external is square steel frame door plate snap articulation, dirt-resistant anti-fingerprint stainless steel 1.0 thickness;.

Constant temperature adjustment system can adjust the temperature and time control. The bottom has a special load-bearing universal wheel, easy to move the equipment.

The fire mask ultrasonic cleaning machine parameters.

Model: fire mask ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic power: 0-1200W (adjustable)

Ultrasonic frequency: 28/40KHZ (default 40KHz)

Heating power: 3000W

Cleaning capacity: 88L

Time adjustable: can be normally open (1-99 minutes adjustable);

Temperature adjustable: room temperature ~ 80 ° adjustable;

Digital touch control: touch button operation, digital display time and temperature;

Inner slot size: 550*400*400mm (can be customized)

Overall dimensions: 690 * 540 * 750mm (can be customized)

Use of power: AC110V-120V/60Hz | AC200V-240V/50Hz

Shell material: 201 shell, square steel frame door plate snap articulation, dirt-resistant anti-fingerprint stainless steel 1.0 thickness;

Inner material: 2.0 argon welding inner liner, SUS304 material, 2.0 thickness more durable;

Stainless steel basket: SUS304 stainless steel material, mesh 10MM, steel bar reinforced type;

Machine power cord: industrial thickened cable, safe and practical;

High-quality casters: the machine uses movable casters to help stop the design, easy to move the machine and the machine to help stop;

Generator power cord: using industrial grade power cord, 3-pin grounding plug, anti-static design;

Independent research and development drive: the use of independent research and development drive board, imported electrical components stable output

Industrial transducer: the use of industrial shock head, strong effect, can work 24 hours;

All-round heat dissipation: machine with cooling fan + multi-hole bit heat dissipation.

Third, the scope of application of the fire mask ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Gas masks, fire masks, fire equipment, medical equipment, a variety of hardware machinery, watch parts, small and medium-sized bearings, electronic parts and glassware, etc..

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