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Are ultrasonic cleaners safe? Is it harmful to human body for long-term use?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine safe or not? First of all, let us first understand what ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning principle

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is issued by the ultrasonic generator high-frequency oscillation signal, through the transducer into high-frequency mechanical oscillation and propagation to the medium (cleaning solvent), ultrasound in the cleaning liquid sparse and dense forward radiation, so that the liquid flow and produce tens of thousands of tiny bubbles of 50-500μm diameter, the presence of tiny bubbles in the liquid vibration under the action of the sound field. These bubbles in the ultrasonic longitudinal propagation of the negative pressure zone formation, growth, and in the positive pressure zone, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble rapidly increased, and then suddenly closed. And in the bubble closure when the shock wave, in its surroundings to produce thousands of atmospheric pressure, destroy insoluble dirt and make them scattered in the cleaning fluid, when the group particles are wrapped in oil and adhering to the surface of the cleaning parts, oil is emulsified, solid particles and detached, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning parts purification.

And ultrasonic wave is a kind of wavelength very short mechanical wave, human ears can not hear a kind of sound waves, harmless to human body a kind of sound waves. In addition, ultrasound is an advanced medical technology, it is better directional, is a common diagnostic method used by doctors, such as the b ultrasound we use is an application of ultrasound.

In conclusion: from the above ultrasonic cleaning machine principle we conclude that ultrasound, ultrasonic cleaning machine is harmless to the human body, but this does not indicate that it is completely safe, due to incorrect use or may cause safety hazards, please strictly install its instructions for use.

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