How high is the degree of automation of today’s automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines?

Since entering the 21st century, China’s industrial development has entered a white-hot stage. The emergence of ultrasonic cleaning machine has greatly reduced the output of labor costs. However, with the development of technology and industry, semi-automatic cleaning equipment due to the low degree of automation can no longer meet the needs of industrial development. In fact, the development and manufacture of fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine to a certain extent to promote the rapid development of the industry.

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine
Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

So how high is the degree of automation of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine?

1、Automatic robotic automatic loading and unloading.

2、Reciprocating conveyor belt, automatic transport of materials and workpieces.

3、During the cleaning process, the robot will lift the workpiece basket and gradually carry out the cleaning process.

4、The conveyor belt connects the front and back processes of manufacturing, realizing the real artificial intelligence.

5、The equipment comes with exhaust gas and wastewater treatment device, no need for manual treatment and discharge.

6、Equipment comes with filtering and circulating device to ensure clean cleaning workpiece.

7、The workpiece can be targeted for cleaning, rinsing, wind cutting, drying, cooling, etc.

8、PLC control is mainly used for transmission, drying and cleaning, realizing a fully automatic cleaning process.

Flexible and highly automated automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine combines ultrasonic cleaning with chemical cleaning, rinsing, dewatering, drying and other processes, so it has a very high cleaning efficiency. It not only realizes the automatic control and mass production of ultrasonic cleaning, but also stabilizes the cleaning process and improves the cleaning efficiency.

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