What is a metal cleaner? What kind of dirt can metal cleaners be used to clean?

In mechanical equipment, automobiles and other mechanical processing and maintenance and repair, more diesel, kerosene or gasoline as cleaning fluid cleaning parts. This is not only a waste of energy, there are also potential unsafe factors. A slight inadvertence may cause a fire. In recent years, a new type of metal cleaning agent is gradually being widely used. It can replace diesel, kerosene and gasoline to clean parts. It is cheap, safe to use and very suitable for mechanized cleaning operations. It can clean metals without rust spots. This is the so-called metal cleaner.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

Classification of metal cleaners.

1、Acidic chemical cleaner;

2、Alkaline chemical cleaner;

3、Water-based cleaning agent;

4、Semi-water-based cleaning agent;

5, solvent-based metal cleaners;

Metal cleaning agent characteristics.

1, metal cleaning agent without ignition point, will not burn.

2, metal cleaning agent does not contain halogen, will not cause damage to the product.

3, very strong degreasing and oiling ability;

4, the metal workpiece to be cleaned has excellent rust, corrosion resistance, can meet the requirements of inter-process anti-rust;

5、Because it is low foam or no foam, it cannot be used under high pressure spraying or ultrasonic cleaning conditions;

6、The content of phosphate and sodium nitrite is low, not harmful to human health;

7, hard water adaptability and high temperature stability is better;

8, can minimize the cleaning temperature, reduce energy consumption and improve working conditions;

Scope of use of metal cleaners.

Acid chemical cleaning agent: generally used only for ferrous metal cleaning.

Alkaline chemical cleaning agent: only for ferrous metal cleaning.

Water-based cleaning agent: available ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals for cleaning.

Semi-water-based cleaning agent (emulsion cleaning agent): can be used to clean ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

Solvent-based metal cleaner: solvent-based metal cleaner refers to organic solvents, common alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, diesel, white oil, trichloroethylene and so on the traditional oil-based cleaning agents. Including the circulation of hydrocarbon cleaning agent also belongs to such cleaning agents. Cleaning effect is good, but the water-based dirt can not be cleaned, such as handprints. Water-based dirt must have a water-based or semi-water-based cleaning agent to clean.

Metal cleaning agent cleaning process principle.

Metal cleaning agent cleaning process is the use of surfactants to reduce the surface tension of the liquid, resulting in directional adsorption, wetting, emulsification, dispersion, solubilization and other comprehensive role in the cleaning process with the help of heating, brushing, spraying, vibration or ultrasound, in order to achieve the oil can be separated from the surface of the workpiece as soon as possible, dispersed in the cleaning solution to remove dirt.

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