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The longer the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning time the better? Not necessarily

Often people think that the longer the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning time the better, in fact, this view is wrong. This is because the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the long-term use of the process is not only easy to clean items caused by damage, but also to the ultrasonic cleaning machine damage. General situation items can be cleaned 5-10 minutes, if it is heavy oil cleaning 20 minutes or so.


If you need to use ultrasonic cleaning machine for a long time should pay attention to the following points.

1, ultrasonic cleaning machine continuous working time shall not exceed 4 hours

If the continuous working time is too long: the ultrasonic adjustment knob should be rotated to the “0” position, the cooling fan continues to work, ultrasonic cleaning is not started by the ultrasonic control cabinet in the heat dissipation for at least 2 minutes. For a long time running cleaning machine, the power knob should be turned to zero before shutdown, and then use the fan to work for 3-6 minutes before shutdown to ensure that the power supply internal heat dissipation.

2, the cleaning solution should be precipitated, filtered or replaced in time to ensure the cleaning effect

Ultrasonic generator generates high-frequency high pressure, through the cable connection line to the transducer, the transducer and vibration plate to produce high-frequency resonance. Ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly consists of ultrasonic cleaning tank and ultrasonic generator two parts. The bottom of the ultrasonic cleaning tank is equipped with an ultrasonic transducer (vibration head), which is made of high quality stainless steel with strong elasticity and corrosion resistance, so that the solvent in the cleaning tank can be cleared of dirt under the action of ultrasonic waves.

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