Eyeglasses cleaning good helper ~ the legendary ultrasonic cleaning machine really useful?

Is it really useful to use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean glasses? First of all, we must know one thing, that is, the optical store and glasses manufacturers are using ultrasonic cleaning machine to carry out glasses cleaning work, and for individuals, factories and stores using ultrasonic cleaning machine is certainly not suitable for our personal, this is because the factory and commercial machine size are generally very large, and individuals do not need so big.

Here we recommend Granbo MK-188 home ultrasonic cleaner, an ultrasonic cleaning equipment specially produced for glasses cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning principle: the use of “cavitation effect” physical effect of the formation of microscopic strong shock waves and high-speed jets on the surface of the object to be cleaned, so that the dirt quickly crushed, stripped, to achieve high-quality, efficient cleaning purposes. For the complex internal and external surfaces of the object to be cleaned slits, deep holes, dead ends and other parts of the unique excellent cleaning ability and cleaning efficiency is incomparable to other methods, and is not limited by the shape of the cleaned parts surface.

Cleaning method.

1、Put the ultrasonic cleaning machine on the flat table, pour the right amount of water into the cleaning tank;

2、Put in the glasses to be cleaned, drop in the appropriate amount of cleaning solution;

3, press the key, the cleaning machine automatically timed to stop working after the end of cleaning;

4, cleaning is complete, take out the glasses and shake dry water or use the glasses special cloth to absorb dry water;

5, the ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine sewage pour off, dry the cleaning machine and put in a dry and cool place to store.


1, if the lens is only attached to some light dirt and traces, please wash with water with ultrasonic machine can, can not add cleaning agent as much as possible; if a one-time cleaning many pairs of glasses, generally 2 to 3 pairs of glasses should be changed once the water, but also to re-add cleaning agent. After cleaning, wipe the water with a paper towel, and then wipe with a special cloth for glasses. Do not wipe again in a dry state easy to cause damage to the mirror, please pay more attention!

2, serious stains, please use reduced neutral detergent slightly clean and rinse clean with water, alkaline detergent easy to cause coating film degradation, do not use [soap, hand soap, shower gel and other alkaline detergent] cleaning. If your glasses are contaminated with sweat, lemon juice, grease, hair spray, hair wax, cosmetics, mildew remover, alkaline detergent, acid detergent, etc., rinse them with water immediately and wipe them clean. If left unattended, it is easy to form water spots on the lens that are not easy to clean and cause displacement of the coating.

3, Do not use ultrasonic cleaning machine continuously as continuous cleaning may cause damage to the anti-fouling coating. When taking out the glasses, please take them out gently, the lenses should face upward to prevent scratching, holding both sides of the mirror feet, holding only one side of the mirror feet to forcibly take down easy to cause damage, deformation, loosening and other magnitude. After ultrasonic cleaning, please do not place the glasses under the direct sunlight point.

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