How to identify the good and bad of an ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Many people do not know how to evaluate the good and bad of an ultrasonic cleaning machine, so the general public are directly from the parameters to start with, but this is not right. First of all, we have to know that we buy ultrasonic cleaning machine used to clean the items are different, the cleanliness of the cleaning, cleaning process requirements are also different, so there is often this situation, a very good cleaning machine for you, for others is not very good.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine composition
Ultrasonic cleaning machine composition

Therefore, to determine the quality of ultrasonic cleaning machine we can generally start from the following points

1, check its affiliation with the brand influence in the industry

One of the techniques to identify the quality of ultrasonic cleaning machine is to determine the influence of its brand, although this belongs to a high degree of precision instruments, but there are differences in the brand. If it is a little-known brand, I’m afraid it is difficult to provide accurate after-sales service in place, the only operation of the regular big brands can help customers solve substantive problems.

2, from the details of the parts to judge the workmanship of the cleaning machine

Good quality ultrasonic cleaning machine not only to maintain the operating rate at a high level, but also for the parts of the workmanship is relatively fine, which can be accurately concluded through careful observation. Some people do not care about this part, but when the ultrasonic cleaning machine appears in front of the eyes, measuring a few eyes will turn their attention elsewhere, this action is not desirable.

3, from having the function to assess the practicality

Ultrasonic cleaning machine corresponds to the different categories, set the function also exists a big difference, and even for the cleaning object also varies, which is to have the function from it to assess the level of practicality. In other words, whether the cleaning machine can meet their own real needs, than the cleaning machine with the number of functions more worthy of attention.

Warm tip: before buying ultrasonic cleaning machine, should be cleaned to do the following application analysis: clarify the material composition of the washed parts, structure and quantity, analysis and clear to remove the dirt, these are to decide what kind of cleaning method to use, the application of water-based cleaning fluid or solvent prerequisites. In addition cleaning process also need to do cleaning experiments to verify. Only in this way, we can provide a suitable cleaning system, design a reasonable cleaning process and cleaning fluid.

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