Ultrasonic cleaning machine vibration head the more the better?

The more ultrasonic cleaning machine vibration head is better? The answer is: not necessarily.

Ultrasonic vibration head is also known as ultrasonic transducer, is the main accessories of ultrasonic cleaning machine, its frequency are: 15KHZ, 20KHZ, 25KHZ, 28KHZ, 40KHZ, 68KHZ, 80KHZ, 100KHZ, or higher.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine vibration head
Ultrasonic cleaning machine vibration head

The more the number of ultrasonic vibrating head, the higher the price, but the better the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine, but this if the number is too much, the ultrasonic effect is too large but will cause damage to the workpiece. And cleaning tank is a limited space, such as 6 vibration head vibration plate and 12 vibration head vibration plate area, as well as the frequency and power of each vibration head the same, then the 12 to be stronger than the 6, but each vibration head placement between certain conditions, not the more dense the better.

This is because the vibration head placement area is not uniform, the ultrasonic waves from the source to the liquid surface propagation, in the liquid and gas interface will be reflected back and the formation of standing waves. Standing wave is characterized by the sound pressure in some places in the liquid space is too small, some places too large sound pressure, which will cause uneven cleaning phenomenon.

And if the shock head of the shock plate area than 12 shock head of the shock plate area is small, and each shock head frequency and power of the same, then 24 and 18 of the cleaning effect is the same, because the ultrasonic energy per unit area is the same.

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