What is a multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine? What is the role of multiple cleaning tanks?

Multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine is named because it has more than one cleaning tank, compared with single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine. The number of cleaning tanks and specific functions vary according to the cleaning object and cleaning process, usually multiple ultrasonic cleaning (ultrasonic rough washing, ultrasonic fine washing, ultrasonic rinsing, ultrasonic city water cleaning, ultrasonic pure water cleaning, ultrasonic alkaline or weak acidic liquid cleaning) and other cleaning methods such as high-pressure spray cleaning, air jet cleaning, hot dip cleaning, bubble cleaning and other cleaning methods combined. In addition, also equipped with a certain drying system (hot air drying, slow pull wind drying, etc.).

Non-standard ultrasonic cleaning machine
Non-standard ultrasonic cleaning machine

Multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine common types are: double-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, three-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, four-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, five-slot ultrasonic cleaning equipment, etc. The following is a brief introduction to several common cleaning combinations and multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine features.

1, double-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine: this type of cleaning machine and single-slot cleaning machine is the same as a common member of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment family. Commonly used in radiator, stainless steel products, precision hardware, electroplating process, instrumentation, mechanical parts, hydraulic and other workpieces, electroplating mold and other workpiece cleaning, in the specific process, double-slot ultrasonic equipment generally has the following combinations: ultrasonic rough cleaning tank and ultrasonic fine cleaning tank, ultrasonic cleaning tank and ultrasonic rinsing tank, ultrasonic cleaning tank and water rinsing tank, ultrasonic electrolytic cleaning tank and descaling tank.

Among them, the combination of ultrasonic cleaning tank and clean water rinsing tank, the cleaning precision and single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine, suitable for cleaning precision has certain requirements but not too high cleaning. For the cleanliness and precision requirements of higher cleaning, generally use ultrasonic rough cleaning tank and ultrasonic fine cleaning tank combination of the way or multiple cleaning tank equipment. Usually first use the low frequency range of amplitude, decontamination power of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Ultrasonic rough cleaning, and then use higher frequency cleaning machine for high cleanliness and precision cleaning.

2, three-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine: this type of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is usually in the double-slot ultrasonic cleaning system to increase the hot air drying, slow pull wind drying and other drying systems, than double-slot more than a drying tank ultrasonic, there are also some three-slot cleaning equipment by ultrasonic rough washing and ultrasonic fine washing plus ultrasonic rinsing tank.

3, four-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine: this type of ultrasonic cleaning machine is usually composed of four cleaning tanks: ultrasonic rough washing tank, ultrasonic fine washing tank, ultrasonic rinsing tank and drying tank. Four-slot machine is suitable for cleaning electronic parts, precision electronic instruments, PCB circuit boards, mechanical parts, instrument housings and metal plating parts.

4, five-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine: five-slot cleaning machine equipment usually in the second or third ultrasonic cleaning process and drying system to add high-pressure spray cleaning or immersion cleaning (hot water immersion or cold water immersion) or steam cleaning, bubble cleaning, etc.

5, six, seven and more cleaning tanks ultrasonic cleaning machine: depending on the specific cleaning process, usually by the following cleaning tank part or all of the composition: high-pressure spray tank, bubble cleaning tank, blowing cleaning tank, ultrasonic rough washing tank, ultrasonic fine washing tank, ultrasonic rinsing tank, ultrasonic oil and rust removal tank, hot and cold water immersion tank, acid washing tank, city water rinsing tank, pure water rinsing tank, steam cleaning tank, cutting air tank, Hot air drying tank, oil filling tank, cooling tank, etc.

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