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Ultrasonic cleaning machine has which several temperature control methods? Ultrasonic cleaning machine common temperature control way to introduce

Ultrasonic cleaning machine generally has a timing or heating function. The following is an introduction to several ultrasonic cleaning machine temperature control configuration.

Water temperature and heating
Water temperature and heating

1、CNC panel heating

General laboratory use of CNC ultrasonic cleaning machine, with heating function models, for the CNC button heating. CNC control area to display the current temperature, you can set the temperature value. When the heating value is reached, automatically stop heating. This heating is generally heated with a silicone plate.

2、Mechanical temperature control

General ultrasonic cleaning machine generally uses mechanical temperature control, that is, the knob to adjust the temperature.

3、thermostat heating

Split type ultrasonic cleaner can be heated by thermostat according to the use.

Use the following method: press the heating switch, the thermostat will display the measurement temperature and control temperature. The upper display is the measurement temperature, the lower display is the control temperature. When the measured temperature is lower than the control temperature, the out light on the thermostat is on, the heating indicator is on, and the device is in heating state; when the measured temperature is higher than the control temperature, the out light on the temperature control instrument is off, the heating indicator is off, and the device stops heating.

Control temperature setting method: press the dial key to set the control temperature, the control temperature is 58 degrees. This type generally uses heating tube heating.

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