How to remove the copper green on glasses? How to remove copper green from glasses

The glasses as myopic people wear every day, is the need for regular cleaning and maintenance, if the maintenance is not good, easy to accumulate stains and generate copper green. At home, you can use the ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning and maintenance, ultrasonic cleaning is a professional cleaning tools for glasses cleaning, optical stores basically have this cleaning tool, more convenient and hygienic to use at home.


Ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove copper green use method.

Tools, materials: an ultrasonic ultrasonic cleaning machine, a glasses, a bottle of glasses special cleaning agent

1, the prepared glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine placed on a flat table, open the top cover of the cleaning machine, into the glasses (note that the lens must be placed facing upward to prevent the lens contact bottom scratching.)

2, in the cleaning box filled with water, (tap water can be) pay attention not to exceed the highest water level line. You can add 1-2 drops of special cleaning agent for glasses to the water;

3, plug into the socket, press the on button, 3-5 minutes to stop working automatically;

4, after the machine stops, remove the glasses and gently shake off the water on the surface of the glasses;

5, the glasses cleaning machine in the water pour off, dry the cleaning machine, put in a dry and cool place to store.

And if there is no ultrasonic cleaning machine can also use manual manual way to clean copper green, cleaning method is as follows.

1, use a measuring cylinder to measure 20 ml of concentrated ammonia into a beaker, and then inject 40 ml of distilled water, stir with a glass rod, with ammonia solution, that is, copper rubbing water. Copper rubbing water can react with copper green, generating soluble blue copper ammonia complexes, thus removing copper green.

2, in order to improve the effect of rubbing copper water in addition to copper green, rubbing copper water can also be mixed with chalk powder or talcum powder, which can increase the mechanical abrasion, so that the deep layer of patina fully exposed to ensure that the copper green and ammonia completely react, so that the copper surface smooth and bright.

3. Dip cotton into copper rubbing water and scrub repeatedly on the copper products with patina. Soon, the patina disappears from the surface of the copper, and the copper products reappear with a bright metallic luster, while the cotton is tinted blue.

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