The difference between ultrasonic shock head placed on the bottom and the side? Which one is better?

At present, when customizing ultrasonic cleaning equipment, some customers specifically request the ultrasonic vibration head on the side. This is because due to the special situation of some cleaning objects, the requirements for side cleaning is higher. At this time, placed at the bottom of the ultrasonic vibration head of the cleaning effect may not be ideal. If placed on the side, you can directly face the side of the object, the effect is more direct and effective.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine vibration head
Ultrasonic cleaning machine vibration head

But in fact, this is to a large extent, this is only a psychological effect. Theoretically, ultrasound is the use of water molecules hit the surface of the object to form a cavitation, that is, as long as the water touches the place, you can clean. Therefore, the ultrasonic vibration head put the bottom and the side of the cleaning effect is the same. And ultrasonic vibration head will have more quality problems if installed on the side, thus generally speaking, it is not recommended to use the side form.

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