The influence of ultrasonic transducer bonding on the effect of ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic transducer
Ultrasonic transducer

1, the impact of different transducer bonding on ultrasonic cleaning

Domestic general use of single screw clamping sandwich type piezoelectric transducer, there are two forms: one is a cone horn, another straight rod shape. And the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine is roughly used in the horn-shaped ultrasonic transducer, the acoustic radiation efficiency of this transducer than the rod-shaped ultrasonic transducer is high, input the same electrical power, will get a larger sound power in the ultrasonic cleaning tank, and compared to the consumption of electrical power in the ultrasonic transducer itself, and thus the heat of the transducer is also low. Why use the horn-shaped transducer and a significant advantage, that is, because the area of the horn radiation surface than the bar transducer, so the radiation surface of the sound intensity is lower, bonded to the stainless steel plate, (bonding shall be vertical, otherwise the transmission will be weakened) on the stainless steel plate cavitation corrosion is smaller, then the life of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is extended.

2, whether the transducer bonding is too close to the impact of ultrasonic cleaning

Transducer bonded to the bottom of the cleaning tank or wall of the transducer distribution is too dense, a tightly arranged next to one, the electrical power intensity of the input transducer to 2-3 watts per square centimeter, such a high intensity on the one hand will accelerate the surface of the stainless steel plate (and cleaning fluid contact surface) cavitation corrosion, shorten the service life, on the other hand, due to the high sound intensity. Will produce a large number of larger bubbles near the surface of the steel plate, increasing the sound transmission loss, in places far from the transducer weaken the cleaning effect. The general choice of power intensity of less than 1.5 watts per square centimeter is appropriate (calculated by the area of the steel plate with the transducer). If the cleaning tank is deep, in addition to the bottom of the tank with a transducer, in the tank wall should also consider bonding transducer.

3, the quality of the bonding of the transducer and cleaning tank on the ultrasonic cleaning machine

Transducer and cleaning tank bonding quality of the ultrasonic cleaning machine has a great impact on the quality of the machine, not only to sticky, but also requires a uniform layer of glue, no lack of glue and does not allow cracks, so that the maximum transmission of ultrasonic energy to the cleaning fluid, in order to improve the efficiency of the machine and cleaning effect.

At present, some cleaning equipment to avoid the transducer from the cleaning tank fall, take the screw plus adhesive fixation, this connection although the transducer will not fall, but there are many hidden problems, if the screw welding quality is poor, such as not perpendicular to the surface of the stainless steel plate, the rubber layer is not uniform, or even cracks or lack of rubber, energy transmission will weaken; on the other hand. If the welding is not good will also affect the flatness of the stainless steel surface, resulting in accelerated cavitation corrosion and shorten the service life. One way to judge the quality of bonding is to measure the temperature rise of the transducer after the cleaning tank is filled with water and turned on for a period of time. If in a large number of transducers in a particular transducer temperature rise is particularly fast, it indicates that the transducer may not be bonded. Because the sound radiation is not good at this time, most of the electrical energy consumed in the transducer and heat.

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