Features of industrial high-pressure cleaning equipment

High-pressure cleaning equipment is also known as high-pressure cleaners and high-pressure water jet cleaners. More than 500 bar pressure ultra-high pressure water cleaning machine is a high-pressure water conversion device (generally known as high-pressure plunger pump), through the multi-stage water pressure, so that the pressure reaches hundreds of atmospheres or more. The aperture spraying device is converted into a high-speed “water jet” cleaning equipment.

Types of high-pressure cleaning equipment

High-pressure cleaning equipment products include: hot and cold water high-pressure cleaner, high-pressure steam cleaner, outdoor hot water high-pressure cleaner, cold water high-pressure cleaner, marine high-pressure cleaner, ultra-high-pressure cleaner, etc.; power can be optional asynchronous motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine, etc.; heating methods are: electric heating type, diesel heating type, liquefied petroleum gas type, natural gas heating type.

1、Cold water high-pressure cleaner.

General cold water high-pressure cleaner can be used to clean objects, equipment, water tanks, filters, etc. by impact or detergent. If equipped with a rotary high-pressure nozzle, you can greatly improve cleaning efficiency, no matter what nozzle you use, if you add the right cleaning agent, you can save water and improve cleaning efficiency. Large steel mill fan impeller and rotor cleaning; removal of hard scale on the outer surface of equipment, construction cement scale, cleaning and brushing in the concrete industry; non-destructive sand removal on the surface of castings, especially suitable for shaped and cavity castings; equipped with a variety of options for pipe unclogging, wall coating removal; industrial building interior and exterior walls, floors, workshop cleaning. (Optional automatic liquid mixing function, sand mixing function, available sand and cold water high-pressure cleaning to remove rust and paint)

2、Hot water high-pressure cleaning machine.

The use of high-pressure, high-temperature water jets as a cleaning method, is the new technology of modern equipment maintenance. Replaces the traditional use of kerosene, diesel cleaning equipment parts, there is no chemical cleaning of the environment caused by pollution and harm to the human body. Has been widely used in China’s metallurgical, railroad, oilfield, mining and other industries. The machine is also specially designed for spraying cleaning agent, which can realize the combined effect of mechanical force, heat and chemical force on the cleaning of heavy oil, making the cleaning work very easy. Hot water is usually used to clean objects stained with grease. The use of high-pressure hot water can quickly remove dirt, grease and hot water cleaning systems. It usually contains a pressurized system and a high-pressure heating system. Heating system using high-temperature resistant high-pressure heating tube through the high-pressure ignition heating, high-pressure water flow is heated quickly by the heating coil, the power source can be divided into electric and gasoline / diesel engine drive, so that you should confirm when you buy what kind of power, pressure and clean objects pollution category.

3、Steam high-pressure cleaner.

High-pressure steam is one of the ways to remove heavier grease, such as dry grease, asphalt, etc.. High-pressure steam generated by the pressure is usually 10-17 bar. high-pressure steam cleaning machine at about 180 ° C generated by high-pressure steam can dissolve any stubborn grease; high-pressure steam can cut small cracks, peel and remove residues. High-pressure steam is also a degreasing tool for cleaning equipment surfaces before painting, as well as for thawing pipes in cold northern regions. It is widely used for cleaning drilling equipment such as drilling towers and drilling rigs of oil drilling companies, removing heavy oil pollution from wellheads and extraction beams of oil production plants; cleaning of construction vehicles such as asphalt pavers and asphalt concrete transporters, thawing of pipelines in cold areas and early maintenance of equipment in winter; removing dry grease before maintenance of engines, transmissions, etc.; cleaning parts and external surfaces that need to be dried quickly.

Performance characteristics of high-pressure cleaning equipment

Environmental protection without pollution: Today more than 80% of the cleaning equipment are using chemical cleaning methods, although the use of acid and alkaline immersion or flow cycle of the way to dissolve the dirt and then excluded is easy, but the chemical cleaning methods will cause pollution to the environment, and industrial high-pressure cleaner is clean tap water as the working medium, with the advantages of odorless, non-toxic to the environment zero pollution.

Do not damage the substrate to be cleaned: because the cleaner is pure water as the working medium, so will not damage the substrate to be cleaned.

Application of high-pressure cleaning equipment

Various equipment used in the field of industrial production often produces grease, scale, coking, high temperature polymers, deposits, corrosion, etc., significantly affecting the efficiency and safety of equipment, cleaning is inevitable. Compared with the previous manual cleaning, chemical cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and even sandblasting, shot blasting and other processes, high-pressure water cleaning (ultra-high-pressure water cleaning) has high efficiency, wide range, good results, and environmental protection.

The above is a small introduction to the types of high-pressure cleaning equipment, performance characteristics and applications. Whether cleaning oil, scale, high-temperature polymers, deposits, or corrosion in the industrial field, high-pressure cleaning equipment plays a safe and efficient cleaning power, so it has been widely used. Its emergence has effectively improved the efficiency of industrial production life and promoted development.

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