What are the advantages of industrial cleaning equipment compared to household cleaning equipment?

The application of industrial cleaning equipment is used as an auxiliary facility for production and processing, so the characteristics or advantages of the use effect are more compelling. Therefore, industrial cleaning equipment generally has the following advantageous features.

The difference between industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine and home ultrasonic cleaning machine
The difference between industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine and home ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. long service life: industrial cleaning machine using high-quality core components, effectively ensure its better performance and longer service life, so that we can rest assured that the use.

2. cleaning functions: industrial cleaning machine can not only achieve the cleaning of a single workpiece, but also to achieve the batch cleaning of workpieces. In addition, it also has rough washing, fine washing, automatic washing and other functions, but also has adjustable working time, adjustable cleaning temperature, self-setting cleaning program and many other functions.

3. Low labor cost: As the industrial cleaning machine can realize the fully automatic cleaning and drying of the workpiece, only one operator needs to be configured at the loading and unloading end of the workpiece to complete the cleaning work, which greatly reduces the labor and cleaning time, thus effectively reducing the cost of manual cleaning.

4. Environmental protection: Through the use of environmentally friendly solvent cleaning, water-based cleaning, pure water rinsing and other ways to effectively reduce the pollution of harmful solvents, to meet the basic requirements of environmental protection.

5. Good cleaning effect: industrial cleaning machine can clean all parts of the workpiece and dead ends while maintaining high efficiency cleaning work. The cleaning of small blind holes can achieve a fast and non-destructive cleaning effect.

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