What are the advantages of adjustable power type ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Power adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machine
Power adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machine

The oscillator of the power adjustable ultrasonic cleaner can make the parts of the workpiece produce more bubbles in an instant. Use the principle of pressure to make the bubble break and clean. So this cleaning method is one of the cleaning methods with low damage rate to the workpiece. The industry uses very good effect. In daily life, such as glasses cleaning, fine instrument workpiece cleaning and maintenance, etc., all need this equipment. So what are the benefits of adjustable power ultrasonic cleaning machine?

1、cleaning compliance.

A machine for multiple uses, cleaning a variety of different workpieces. At the same time positive plate size and task frequency, etc. also have good compliance, so that this equipment can continue to perform tasks in a variety of environmental conditions.

2、the cavitation power is large :

A few ultrasonic cleaning products are cavitation as the technical center, through the acoustic pressure vibration to regulate the pressure energy. This ultrasonic cleaning machine oscillator can be adjusted according to the actual situation, the power can also be adjusted. In the premise of ensuring the cavitation force, instant destruction of bubbles, so as to achieve the purpose of fast and efficient cleaning.

3、high efficiency of dirt removal.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is called high precision after fine tuning can be bubbles rise to the coarse crevices, stop complete and thorough cleaning. It is not easy to adhere to the workpiece after the rapid peeling off of the purification, so it has a low rate of purification left behind.

4、the bubble density is good.

Cost-effective ultrasonic cleaning machine oscillator can ensure the bumpy operation of the equipment, this oscillator can form a will bubbles constitute a sparse and dense display form, for accurate, step by step to stop cleaning one by one local, and then after a sudden high pressure so that the bubble quickly cracked, its occurrence of a number of atmospheric pressure to reach the purpose of efficient cleaning. So the bubble sparse density of ultrasonic oscillator is high, and the volatility of cleaning is good. Therefore, the bubble density of the ultrasonic oscillator is high and the cleaning volatility is good.

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