The difference between ultrasonic cell crusher and ultrasonic cleaning machine

The difference between the principle of ultrasonic cell crusher and ultrasonic cleaning machine

Principle of ultrasonic cell crusher: The working principle of ultrasonic cell crusher is based on the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves in the liquid. The transducer converts electrical energy through the variable compound rod to produce high intensity shear force in the liquid at the top of the tool head, and the high frequency alternating water pressure causes the cavity to expand and explode to destroy the cells. On the other hand, due to the violent disturbance effect of ultrasonic waves propagating in the liquid, the particles produce a large acceleration, which collide with each other or collide with the container wall and rupture.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine principle: ultrasonic cleaning machine is the use of ultrasonic generator issued by the cross-frequency signal, by the transducer to convert the transaction frequency mechanical oscillation spread to the medium – cleaning fluid, its powerful ultrasonic radiation to be cleaned in the liquid to produce the “cavitation” phenomenon. That is, the formation of “bubbles” in the cleaning fluid, resulting in rupture. When the “cavitation” reached the moment the surface of the object to be cleaned rupture, the impact force is much greater than 1000 atmospheres, so that the object surface, holes and crevices in the dirt dispersion, rupture and stripping, in order to purify and clean the object.

The difference between the application of ultrasonic cell crusher and ultrasonic cleaning machine

The application of ultrasonic cell crusher: widely used in biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, food testing, environmental monitoring and other fields of animal and plant tissues, viruses, bacteria and other cell structure crushing, as well as emulsification, separation, homogenization and other chemical reaction processes.

Application of ultrasonic cleaner: It is mainly used for small batch cleaning, degassing, mixing, extraction and cell crushing in commercial, light industry, colleges and universities, scientific research units.

Summary: the main difference between acoustic cell crusher and ultrasonic cleaner

The main principles of ultrasonic cleaner and ultrasonic cell crusher are similar. The main difference is that the ultrasonic cell crusher concentrates all the energy on the probe, while the energy of the ultrasonic cleaning device is evenly distributed at the bottom of the cleaning tank. Therefore, the ultrasonic cleaner is more inclined to degassing and cleaning, while the ultrasonic cell crusher is more inclined to cell crushing, emulsification and homogenization.

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