Why does the product rust even though anti-rust oil is used? Why rust prevention oil does not prevent rust

The vast majority will choose anti-rust oil to prevent rust and corrosion, rather than other ways such as spray paint, because anti-rust oil is easy and fast to operate, and the effect is also very good, but why sometimes when using anti-rust oil, but no effect?

The reasons why rust prevention oil does not prevent rust are as follows.

I. Improper selection of antirust oil

The selection of antirust oil should be chosen according to different antirust requirements and the situation of the site. If the factory has been choosing only one kind of antirust oil and different workpieces in different situations are using this antirust oil (such as needing long-term antirust oil, but choosing the antirust oil used between processes.) Or there is often a situation where the anti-rust oil is not used, and it is very normal for rusting to occur. Therefore, before using antirust oil, check whether it meets the quality requirements before using it.

II. Wrong way to use antirust oil

1. The workpiece is not thoroughly cleaned and dried before using antirust oil

It is very important to clean and dry the surface of metal workpiece before coating with antirust oil, otherwise its effect will be greatly reduced. When the workpiece is cleaned, removed from oil and dried for inspection before oiling, film gloves should be worn, and inspection should not be done directly by hand or with dirty gloves.

2. Poor coating.

If the antirust oil is used improperly, it cannot play its proper effect. If the antirust oil is hot dip coated, it is important to control the temperature, which should be generally controlled at 65 degrees Celsius to 95 degrees Celsius. For large workpiece, it should stay in the dip coating container for a period of time, otherwise the suddenly condensed coating is too thick and easy to slip off, and the whole workpiece should be submerged. If solvent diluted antirust oil is used, it should stay for a period of time after dipping and coating, so that the solvent can be fully evaporated before packaging.

III. poor packaging

Hard-film antirust oil has good toughness, so it is not necessary to pack the oil because of the general collision problem. However, when it suffers serious collision, it should be protected by wrapping paper such as wax paper. Oil film antirust oil cannot withstand friction and pressure, therefore, care should be taken not to subject it to collision, and the oil coating operation should first let the oil flow dry and dry, and then use packaging materials (various kinds of wrapping paper, plastic film, etc.) for packaging protection. Especially when using gas-phase antirust agent, if the packaging is not good, it will cause gas-phase rust leakage and cause rust. The liner material used should also be carefully selected to ensure that no rust will be caused by this.

Warm tip: There are many reasons for the failure of rust prevention oil to prevent rust. If you have questions during the use of rust prevention oil, you can consult the rust prevention oil manufacturer first, which can solve the problem more quickly.

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