How to maintain the ultrasonic vibration plate? What issues need attention?

Ultrasonic shock plate is an indispensable auxiliary cleaning equipment for ultrasonic cleaning machine, mainly to shock the plate and the generator of two parts. When the ultrasonic cleaning machine power is too small, the ultrasonic shock plate plays a good role. So how to maintain the ultrasonic shock plate? What issues need to pay attention to?

Ultrasonic vibration plate, vibration bar
Ultrasonic vibration plate, vibration bar

Ultrasonic shock plate maintenance tips.

1, the ultrasonic shock plate must be submerged in liquid in the tank to turn on the machine, to avoid accidents of burnout.

2, the bottom of the ultrasonic shock plate, side port can be normal ventilation and heat dissipation.

3、After the use of the vibration plate to absorb the exterior moisture with a suction tool to prevent the surface from rusting.


1, must be in the cleaning tank liquid end over the cleaning machine vibration plate before the machine can be turned on;

2, the ultrasonic generator should be as far away from the heat source, to maintain good ventilation and heat dissipation;

3, the ultrasonic power supply to firmly avoid the inflow of liquid, so as not to short circuit or corrosion;

4, ultrasonic shock plate to avoid a one-time work more than eight hours, if there is continuous work, it is recommended to work for more than four hours, rest a moment and then continue to work.

5、Regularly clean the tank, so that the surface is clean;

6, the machine does not work for a long time, need to idle, generally half a month or once a month to run;

7、If the vibration plate has a breakdown phenomenon, you need to replace the steel plate in time;

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