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Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine in the medical equipment cleaning advantages

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is a professional cleaning equipment for medical industry, scientific research units, pharmaceutical plants, mainly used to deal with scalpels, forceps, hemostatic forceps, endoscopic biopsy forceps, injection needles, syringes, test tubes, glass pieces, changing bowls, barrels, measuring pressure and other items of medical instruments cleaning, can completely clean a variety of stains, discharging the problem of incomplete manual cleaning, and at the same time to protect personnel from contamination and infection .

The use of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean medical devices three major advantages

Medical, medical dental ultrasonic cleaning machine
Medical, medical dental ultrasonic cleaning machine

1、Good cleaning effect

Many medical devices exist on the surface of the uneven, small blind holes, that is, the use of steam cleaning, high-pressure water jets can not be clean, and ultrasonic cleaning machine cavitation can accelerate the dissolution of the device surface film, cleaning effect is better and more complete.

2、High cleaning efficiency

In the past, the traditional type of cleaning medical instruments, usually to carry out multi-enzyme soaking, manual brushing, rinsing and other processes, time-consuming and laborious, and manual operation is difficult to ensure the quality of cleaning instruments, and the use of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is very convenient, the instruments will be immersed in multi-enzyme cleaning solution, directly into the cleaning tank, put a good cleaning agent, set the temperature, time can be automatically clean, quite high efficiency.

3、Health and safety

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is a class of zero-pollution equipment, in the cleaning process will not produce electromagnetic radiation and other problems, cleaning the whole process without manual contact, eliminating secondary pollution; for medical personnel can also isolate the residual bacteria and viruses on the instrument, to protect the safety and health of medical personnel.

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