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How to clean the heat exchanger, what are the methods of heat exchanger cleaning?

In the process of chemical production, the frequent use of heat exchanger equipment, resulting in the deposition of a large number of crystalline substances on it, and over time gradually formed dirt and scale, affecting the efficiency of work and increase consumption. Therefore, the need to frequently clean the heat exchanger.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning heat exchanger methods and steps.

Non-standard customized ultrasonic cleaning machine
Non-standard customized ultrasonic cleaning machine

Step one, descaling and cleaning. Add the cleaning agent to the ultrasonic cleaning tank to start cleaning, but pay attention to the time and dosage.

Step two, clean with water, time is set at about ten minutes, the purpose of doing so is to remove excess rust.

Step three, add the stripper and retarder in proportion to the stripping anti-corrosion cleaning to prevent corrosion of the boiler.

Step 4: Add passivation coating agent for passivation coating treatment. After cleaning, the heat exchanger can start normal operation.

In addition to ultrasonic cleaning, there are several commonly used heat exchanger cleaning methods.

1, chemical cleaning. Chemical cleaning is to choose a chemical reagent to make it like the fluid used in industry to circulate in the equipment in contact with the heat exchanger, full contact with the dirt, so that the dirt from the heat exchanger surface discharge, this cleaning is the existing heat exchanger cleaning method, its operation is simple, the cleaning is more thorough.

2、Manual cleaning. The heat exchanger plate is cleaned manually with a brush. This method is simple and clear, but time-consuming and not easy to clean thoroughly.

3、Comprehensive integrated cleaning. Cleaning difficulties, if a single method can not be thoroughly clean, you can use a comprehensive method as appropriate. Comprehensive cleaning method is to soften the dirt with fluid chemical reagents first, and then clean with physical methods.

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