What is the easy and convenient way to remove wax from products and save time?

To protect their products from damage, companies in certain industries choose to wax their products. Dewaxing is done when the product needs to be waxed again or when the product needs to be dewaxed to recreate the product.

Wax removal requirements.

To know how to remove wax, we must first understand the role of wax and the cleaning requirements so that we can easily understand why we need to remove wax. Wax removal is not a big project, but it does require skills and requirements. The product after wax removal should keep the product unchanged, especially the shape, size and performance. In particular, the surface of the product should be flat and free from wax residue, scratches and knocks. As wax is insoluble in water, it is relatively thin and even when applied, and is generally difficult to remove thoroughly.

Traditional methods of wax removal.

In fact, there are many traditional methods of wax removal, such as simple scrubbing, wax removal solvent soaking, wax removal solvent spray soluble, or scraping with a knife, but these methods are either more money invested in the use of more than the loss. Either the cleaning effect is not good, there is no way to use again, or the cleaning process is easy to damage the product, resulting in huge losses.

The new way to remove wax.

40khz Dual Core Ultrasonic Cleaner
40khz Dual Core Ultrasonic Cleaner

The new way to remove wax is to use ultrasonic cleaning machine. Ultrasonic cleaning machine in recent years the sales and use of very hot, not only in the wax removal cleaning industry, in the degreasing, decontamination, paint removal industry also have applications. The cleaning effect is also remarkable. It uses high frequency ultrasonic waves generated when the electric current passes through the vibrator. Ultrasonic waves in the cleaning fluid medium instantly produce tens of thousands of vacuum bubbles. As the pressure increases, the bubbles get progressively larger and then burst. The bubbles are continuously generated and ruptured. Gradually destroy, decompose and peel the wax stains on the product.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine wax removal process.

Place the object to be dewaxed into the ultrasonic cleaning tank. It is recommended to use a cleaning basket. The cleaning basket is well protected and easy to load and unload materials. Easy to use, after placing the object to be cleaned pour in the dewaxing solution, the amount should exceed 2/3 of the cleaning tank and cover the surface of the cleaning object. Plug in the power socket, turn on the power, adjust the required cleaning temperature, time and power, and lightly press the on/off button of the ultrasonic cleaner to start ultrasonic cleaning. In this way, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine to wax both convenient and safe, save labor and improve the cleaning effect.

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