Small ultrasonic cleaning machine in the field of gold and silver jewelry cleaning applications

Small ultrasonic cleaning machine is both small home portable ultrasonic cleaning machine, which stands out as a small, home, portable. So small ultrasonic cleaning machine in the field of cleaning gold and silver jewelry how effective it is?

Small ultrasonic cleaning machine in the field of jewelry applications.

Ultrasonic Cleaner
Ultrasonic Cleaner

In the use of household ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning jewelry, the need for appropriate cleaning according to the situation of jewelry, the need to choose the appropriate cleaning method according to the surface of jewelry and the degree of oxidation of jewelry, the only way to better use the household ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean jewelry intact as before, bright colors.

1, the jewelry surface oil cleaning

If the surface of the jewelry has a certain amount of oil or stains, just put water and detergent inside the home ultrasonic cleaning machine, and then fully stir well before putting the jewelry into the cleaning machine liner, and then turn on the machine can be cleaned.

2, jewelry surface cleaning of light oxidation

Generally speaking, jewelry is after a long time of use or improper storage, its surface may appear light oxidation phenomenon, the performance is jewelry light black, the use of home ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is required in addition to placing a certain amount of detergent and water, but also need to add some salt or white vinegar, stirring evenly after the jewelry into the home ultrasonic cleaning machine liner;

3, jewelry surface heavy oxidation cleaning

If the surface of the jewelry heavy oxidation, that is, the jewelry blackening degree is more obvious need to be strictly cleaned. Need to add jewelry cleaning agent (specifically to remove the jewelry oxidation layer of the solution) or sodium carbonate for cleaning, and sodium carbonate can be placed in the cleaning machine after the water, and then placed in the liner of the home ultrasonic cleaning machine a stainless steel container, the container to add jewelry cleaning solution and jewelry, and then turn on the machine for cleaning, it can remove the black attached to its surface.

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