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Ultrasonic cleaning machine why can be widely used in the cleaning industry?

Compared with a variety of other cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning machine has shown the magnificent superiority. Especially in the specialized, group of consumer enterprises, has gradually used ultrasonic cleaning machine to replace the traditional immersion, brushing, pressure washing, vibration cleaning and steam cleaning process methods. Ultrasonic cleaning machine of high efficiency and high cleanliness, thanks to its sound waves in the medium when the propagation of the penetrating and cavitation shock wave. So it is easy to with complex shape, cavity and fine hollow parts cleaning clean, the ordinary process of oil removal, rust prevention, phosphating, etc., in the role of ultrasound in just two or three minutes to complete, its speed than traditional methods can be improved by several times to dozens of times, cleanliness can also reach high standards, which in many of the product appearance quality and consumption rate of high request sites, more prominently revealed with other disposal methods Difficult to reach or irreplaceable results.

Cleaning advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

1, no damage to the surface of the cleaning parts

The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning objects, cleaning effect is better, the object surface is cleaner and cleaner, due to the use of solvent flow of ultrasonic cleaning, so the object cleaning process will not cause physical and chemical damage, this ultrasonic cleaning method is very due to high cleaning efficiency, good protection of the object, so many users prefer to use it instead of traditional cleaning facilities.

2、Detail cleaning cleaner

Because the ultrasonic cleaning machine is the sound waves generated by the powerful cavitation shock wave and penetration of the object to clean, so whether it is the shape of complex objects or concave and convex parts of the groove and the more refined internal space of small parts, can be cleaned using ultrasonic cleaning machine, because the machine can set the degree of cleanliness, so the cleaning process can better ensure its normative, and to ensure the cleanliness of the object quality.

3、Save business costs

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is popular and a huge advantage is to better save costs for enterprises. Due to the small size of the machine, so compared to other products greatly save space. And ultrasonic cleaning machine tank to join the solvent can be used repeatedly, so very economical solvent, coupled with the machine are using intelligent operation, the original need for 5-6 people to complete the cleaning work, only 1-2 people can easily complete, for enterprises to greatly save the cost of labor and material costs and the cost of space.

4、The wide range of applications of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Mainly used in machinery, electronics, optics, medicine, electroplating, painting and vacuum coating pretreatment and other industries. Particularly suitable for the surface shape of complex parts, such as slits, grooves, deep holes, deep holes on the precision workpiece cleaning, while cleaning off the surface of the parts of oil, rust and oxidation skin. Especially for the pharmaceutical industry, the cleaning effect of various glassware and medical and surgical instruments is ideal, not only to achieve the purpose of cleaning, but also to the internal and external walls of glassware attached to a variety of microorganisms, germs play a crushing effect, to achieve the role of cleaning and sterilization.

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