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Ultrasonic cleaning machine classification and scope of application

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a special kind of cleaning machine, mainly by the ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer and cleaning tank composition. Ultrasonic cleaning generator issued by the high-frequency vibration signal, through the transducer into a high-frequency mechanical vibration, and make it in the cleaning liquid dispersion, so that the liquid and cleaning tank in the ultrasonic frequency vibration together, so that the cleaning effect greatly improved. Liquid and cleaning tank vibration has its own inherent frequency, this vibration frequency is the frequency of sound waves, so people will hear the humming sound.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

According to the different requirements of the cleaning object, has developed multi-purpose, multi-specification cleaning machine, according to the use of different standards can be divided into the following common categories.

According to the volume size: divided into micro ultrasonic cleaning machine, small ultrasonic cleaning machine, large ultrasonic cleaning machine;

According to the ultrasonic frequency classification: low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine (20KHz), medium-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine (28KHz), high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine (60KHz), dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine and multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc.;

According to the power and power density size classification: high power ultrasonic cleaning machine, ordinary ultrasonic cleaning machine, high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc.;

According to the number of cleaning tanks can be divided into: single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, double-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine and multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc.;

According to the structure form can be divided into: automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, semi-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, split ultrasonic cleaning machine and one ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc.

According to the scope of application can be divided into: industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, auto repair ultrasonic cleaning machine, laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine and medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine scope of application

Ultrasonic cleaning machine scope of application
Ultrasonic cleaning machine scope of application

Family applications: gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, headgear, brooches, glasses, watches, water pens, CDs, shavers, combs, toothbrushes, dentures, tea sets, etc., as well as milk bottles, teats and fruits, these ornaments, tools and fruits are cleaned and sterilized at the same time.

Automotive industry applications: automotive cylinder block, cylinder head, steering mechanism, engine, transmission, damper, shaft tile, oil nozzle, valve body, carburetor, chassis before painting oil and dust removal and rust removal, cleaning before phosphating, a variety of machined parts surface, internal cavity for decontamination, removal of oxidation skin cleaning, in order to achieve the parts surface, internal cavity granularity, cleanliness requirements, to achieve a variety of parts and accessories inside and outside oil, carbon, gum and other dirt to fully and thoroughly clean.

Railroad locomotive applications: various gate valves, brake valves, brake pipes, shock absorbers, wheel bearings, condensers of air-conditioning systems, radiators, internal combustion engines, electrical appliances and other parts of the decontamination, dust removal, rust removal. Rust prevention, rust removal and oil removal for various parts of train head and carriage joints.

Aerospace applications: precision cleaning of fuel metering instruments, injection nozzles, rotary wings, flow control devices, mechanical control devices, aircraft wheels, brake systems, air conditioning heat exchangers, heat sinks, bearings, various metal parts, etc. Removals include abrasion and polishing residues, type sand, dust; in addition to grease, coolant, polishing paste \ wax, grinding paste \ wax; in addition to burrs; in addition to carbon deposits.

Optical device applications: resin lens, camera lens set, glasses, magnifying glass, microscope, telescope, watch glass, coated glass, prism and other optical lenses after grinding and cleaning before coating, need to remove the adhesion of: paint, vanilla water, grease, dye, rust, plastic residues, dust, fingerprints, etc. LCD substrate plating, ITO film cleaning, LCD substrate etching, infusion of liquid crystal Cleaning before and after the process of liquid crystal injection. Liquid crystal residue cleaning after encapsulation.

Electronic and electrical applications: various resistors, capacitor shells, electronic devices, low-voltage electrical shells and metal products cleaning. Including semiconductors, crystals, resistors, capacitors, PCB boards, SMT SMD, IC chips, connectors, connectors, adapters, silicon wafers, triodes, diodes, electronic circuit boards, computer motherboards, piezoelectric ceramic substrates, picture tubes, electric vacuum devices and other electronic devices production and processing process between the impurities, additives, powder cleaning. Microelectronics single crystal silicon wafer, integrated circuit lithography and packaging process cleaning.

Jewelry and watch applications: rings, necklaces, gold \ diamonds \ silver products, all kinds of decorations and crafts, hairpin jewelry and other precision accessories attached to the production process (paint, vanilla water, grease, dyes, plastic residues, dust, fingerprints), oil and polishing wax rosin flux removal, as well as meter, strap, case, watch hand, digital disk, gears, screws, hairspring and other production of dust, Oxidation layer, polishing paste precision cleaning.

Medical apparatus: attachment (blood, gelatin, dust, fingerprints, blood stains, protein) cleaning, syringes, surgical instruments, drippers, biochemical test containers, glass containers, dental appliances, esophageal mirror, tracheal branch mirror, endoscope, microscope disinfection, sterilization, cleaning, etc.

Laboratory cleaning and extraction applications: Because the energy of ultrasonic waves can penetrate the inner wall of glassware and fine crevices, small holes, dead ends, so it can be applied to the cleaning of any glassware, test tubes, instruments, containers, beakers. It can also be used for mixing, extraction, emulsification and other auxiliary experiments.

Hardware machinery industry applications: electroplating parts, vacuum plating decorative parts, locks, compressors, watch parts, precision textile equipment, precision molds, motor parts, bearings, die-casting parts, stamping parts, eyeglass frames, stainless steel tableware, gears, crankshafts, valves, radiators and other precision parts production and processing process of oil removal, chip removal, cutting fluid removal, dirt removal, dust removal cleaning.

Chinese herbal medicine active ingredient extraction applications: ultrasonic alternative to boiling extraction process, efficient and protect the active ingredient.

Recycling / maintenance cleaning applications: automotive, aerospace engines, shield machines and other recycled parts, to do thorough cleaning of waste oil, lubricants and deposited dust, precision cleaning of the engine, transmission machine, hubs and other core mechanical parts. atm machine maintenance. Automotive after-market maintenance.

Textile printing and dyeing industry applications: equipment surface and internal adhesion (fingerprints, dust, ink, dyes, plastic residues, rubber residue) cleaning, rubber rollers, spinnerets, drawing boards, textile spindles, screen printing network, fiber wire (stainless steel wire, nickel wire, copper wire, etc.), printer nozzles degreasing and decontamination.

Military applications: military equipment is no more than optical, mechanical, electrical equipment or optical, mechanical, electrical integration equipment, military equipment in the reserve state, stored in military warehouses, these equipment in the reserve, training, exercise state are inevitable dust, dirt adsorption, pollution, especially some complex weapons and equipment rely on manual wipe maintenance, difficult, ultrasonic cleaning technology to maintain weapons and equipment, cleaning problem solved.

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