Why do you need ultrasonic cleaning basket, ultrasonic cleaning mesh basket role what?

Many people are not clear about the role of ultrasonic cleaning basket, do not know whether to want or not to want this basket, this is because the ultrasonic cleaning machine with the basket is made of stainless steel, a small basket to 30, large four or five hundred dollars, the price is so expensive in the end to want or not to want it?

Cleaning basket
Cleaning basket

First of all, here to explain the structure of ultrasonic, ultrasonic cleaning machine is composed of cleaning tank, ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic generator, and the bottom of the cleaning tank is the transducer, ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasound is issued through the power of the transducer for ultrasound, so if the items to be cleaned directly into the bottom of the cleaning tank will collide with the bottom of the transducer, which will easily damage the Instrument, will also suppress the ultrasonic cleaning effect, in addition to press the drainage hole side will also make the heat does not emit, but also easy to damage the instrument.

Therefore, the object to be cleaned is generally not placed directly in the ultrasonic cleaning tank, but suspended in a special bracket suspended in the cleaning fluid or placed in a special cleaning mesh basket.

The role of ultrasonic cleaning basket are.

1, so that the cleaned object is not directly pressed in the bottom of the cleaning tank and inhibit the ultrasonic radiation.

2, can protect the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaning tank is not sharp cleaning objects scratch and shorten its life due to ultrasonic cavitation corrosion.

3, conducive to be cleaned to take and put the operator does not have to be in each cleaning hands into the cleaning fluid.

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