Why can’t the ultrasonic cleaning machine start without liquid?

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning is to rely on the cavitation of the liquid to achieve the purpose of cleaning. And in the case of “under-liquid” or no water (liquid), can not start using. This is to protect the circuit of the cleaning machine to prevent the machine from burning out, because the ultrasonic vibration head in the mechanical high-frequency oscillation will generate a lot of heat (which is also the reason why the water becomes hot after a period of time), so the machine is designed to do the “anti-dry burn / under-liquid” circuit protection, in the case of cleaning machine under-liquid or no water, it will automatically remind or Stop the machine can not work, and forcibly open the machine will cause dry burning situation, ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic vibration head will burn, the machine can not be used. And this is the reason why the ultrasonic cleaning machine without water can not start.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle
Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle

Under liquid: refers to the normal operation of the cleaning machine required liquid does not meet its basic requirements; for example, the cleaning liquid level line is set to a height of 20 cm, below this figure is under the liquid.

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