Ultrasonic shock plate good or bad judgment method and selection method

Vibration plate structure
Vibration plate structure

The method of judging the quality of ultrasonic vibration plate is good or bad

1, can be identified from the production process and appearance of the ultrasonic vibration plate

Because this directly reflects the company’s attention to product quality, technology and appearance of good product quality is usually naturally not poor. And the design process directly affects the quality of products.

2, can be identified according to the ultrasonic shock plate process design and the use of materials

But this requires a good understanding of the transducer material and experience. Whether the design is reasonable should be determined according to the materials selected. The quality of the material directly affects the quality of the product. If the material of the same specification is different, the quality will be very different. Poor quality materials can not make good products.

3, on the machine experiment.

a, power output experiments; can test the matching of the transducer and the electrical box, and at the same time can reflect the size of the transducer load power output sent by the electrical box, the larger the mode band, the better the work effect, the stronger the power output. (The size of the current can only reflect the output efficiency, can not reflect the power of the device).

b, stability test (simulated aging test); bring the rated load of the equipment to test the power output stability of the electrical box and transducer.

c, overload operation test; test the stability and life of product quality. The test only requires 8 hours of continuous operation under rated load.

Ultrasonic vibration plate manufacturer
Ultrasonic vibration plate manufacturer

Ultrasonic vibration plate selection method.

1, select multi-power oscillator or high-power oscillator

Good quality ultrasonic oscillator, the key lies in the industry to which it applies and the type of commonly used cleaning workpiece. This is the main principle and basis for the choice of procurement. However, in general, when choosing this type of equipment, do not choose low-power equipment, because usually low-power cleaning efficiency is low, the effect is poor, you can choose multi-power oscillator or high-power oscillator.

2, pay attention to the frequency range can not be too small

Precision ultrasonic oscillator work directly related to its frequency. Usually the frequency of this type of equipment is not high, so general-purpose equipment generally work in the low Hertz. However, when cleaning special products or structural crevices, high frequency operation is required. So in the purchase of ultrasonic oscillator, choose a broadband oscillator, the frequency range is not too narrow.

3, pay attention to the temperature range of the equipment should not be too small

Ultrasonic cleaning machine temperature control is also very important, its temperature range is also the most important thing when buying and selling. Because some cleaning agents need high temperature or higher temperature environment to produce cavitation, if the temperature range of the equipment is too small, it is not easy to occur cavitation, so the cleaning effect is poor.

4, pay attention to the vibration plate corrosion resistance can not be poor

The role of the vibration plate of the ultrasonic oscillator is very large, and its transducer is deeply placed in it. If the cover plate of poor pressure resistance or weak corrosion resistance, will inevitably affect the relationship between the transducer and the conductive medium. So in the purchase of ultrasonic vibrators, must pay attention to the corrosion resistance and pressure resistance of the vibration plate.

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