Is an ultrasonic dishwasher practical? What is good about ultrasonic dishwashers?

The principle of ultrasonic dishwasher is the same as ultrasonic cleaner. However, there is a difference in terms of usage. Ultrasonic cleaners can be divided into industrial cleaning, laboratory cleaning, commercial cleaning and household cleaning. Ultrasonic dishwashers are specifically used for washing dishes and vegetables at home or in the restaurant industry.

Ultrasonic Dishwasher
Ultrasonic Dishwasher

Ultrasonic dishwasher use scenario.

Home use is still great. Since ultrasonic dishwashers do not require a motor, washing does not require pumps, high-pressure water, circulating water, institutional movement or rotation. Everything is done by the quiet vibration of water molecules, so the machine is low noise and saves water and electricity.

If used for large area cleaning, such as cafeterias, restaurants and other large places, ultrasonic dishwashers can also be customized with two options of single and multi-sink, drying and washing, and multiple repetitive cleaning.

Ultrasonic dishwasher use advantages.

1、no dead-end cleaning, cleanliness is extremely high

Ultrasonic dishwasher compared with other ways of important features is that you can clean the traditional way not clean dead corners, using high-frequency vibration water washing, cleanliness is high! At the same time save time and power.

2、Can be cleaned without special cleaning agent

No need to use special detergent cleaning, but also can be completely water washing, adding detergent is only an aid to remove stubborn grease stains, no special requirements for detergent.

3、Ultrasonic dishwasher is easy to use, simple structure, long service life.

The use of ultrasonic generated water molecules vibration, do not need the traditional dishwasher spray arm, also do not need motor, pump, water circulation system, etc., the structure is simple, low failure rate.

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